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Best Food Truck Rental In Long Island For Catering Events

Rent the best food truck in Long Island for catering your next trendy event. Having catered for hundreds of events, Curbside Confections is here to turn your next party into a successful and memorable celebration. Whether you're located in Nassau, Suffolk County, or the Hamptons, create a unique package for your event.

We provide unique food truck rental and catering services for all types of events, including:

• Wedding Catering

• Corporate Event Catering

• Birthday Catering

• School/College Event Catering

• Private Party Catering

• Community Event Catering

• Hospital Appreciation Day Catering

Wherever you are hosting the event, we are happy to roll up to your specific location in Long Island. Plus, our fully-stocked food trucks can also travel to nearby all five boroughs including Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens and Staten Island with gourmet treats to impress your guests.

>> Our multi-purpose food truck catering options can be customized with unique packages to match your specific preferences too.

Read on to learn more about the best food truck rental in Long Island available for event catering.

Candy And Snack Truck Catering

Book the best candy and snack truck rentals in Long Island for a fun celebration. From indoor birthdays to outdoor graduation parties, our fully-stocked candy and snack trucks are available to end every event on a sweet note. These sweet and savory treats create the perfect catering option to satisfy your guests.

Choose from more than 150 different types of treats, including:

• Chocolate & Caramel

• Hard Candy & Lollipops

• Gum

• Chewy & Gummy

• Sweet

• Savory

And, more......

With these many available options, we promise to bring every candy lover's dream to reality.

>> Your guests can choose their favorite treats for their own personal candy bag.

Rent our candy and snack food truck in Long Island to cater for your next event with sweet and savory treats.

Dessert Food Truck Catering

Cater your next event with the best dessert food truck rental in Long Island. Our dessert trucks offer a variety of decadent options that are sure to satisfy your guests' sweet cravings. Let your guests dabble in the sweetness of these gourmet desserts.

Add a magical touch to traditional event catering with our unique dessert menu, featuring:

• Giant Stuffed-Cookies

• Cupcakes

• Doughnuts

• Cake Pops

• Brownies

And, much more....

>> FYI, renting our dessert truck nyc is super easy! Just tell us date, guest count, location - and we'll roll up to your event with your choice of flavors.

Not sure of what you need? Don't worry, our event-planning team can help prepare a custom dessert menu that caters to your event theme and style.

Host a memorable event with our dessert food truck catering in Long Island.

Fast-Food Truck Rental

Hire fast food truck rentals for your next event in Long Island. Make your event an unforgettable experience with our unique style and delicious fast food for each affair. Curbside Confections fully-stocked fast food truck offers an expansive menu to impress your guests.

From birthdays, and weddings to any corporate affair and block parties - rolling entertainment trucks NJ can elevate any event.

Surprise your guest with their favorite food brands including:

• McDonald's

• Chick-Fil-A

• Shake Shack

• Taco Bell

• White Castle

• Wendy's

• Popeyes

And more..

Don't stress! Enjoy your party and leave the rest to us. We'll take care of the logistics and coordination. In fact, our crew always shows up early and sends text notifications too.

Choose the best fast food truck rentals in Long Island for your next event.

Ice-Cream Truck Catering

Elevate your next event with dreamy-ice cream food truck catering in Long Island. Whether you are hosting a wedding after-party or a special corporate event, ice cream is the perfect addition to bring a smile to everyone's face.

Our ice-cream trucks roll up with natural, decadent, and signature flavors. A few of guests' favorite flavor options include:

• Banana Caramel

• Vanilla

• Chocolate

• Fruit Sorbet

• Pink Sprinkle

• Mint Chip

>> Surprise the 'guest of honor' with their favorite ice-cream flavors - brought exclusively to celebrate their special milestone.

We will park right outside the venue to serve a scoop of happiness to each guest as they leave the party.

Let the good times roll with the best food truck rental in Long Island that provides ice-cream catering.

Cotton Candy Truck Rental

Host your upcoming event with cotton candy catering in Long Island. Sweeten up any event with freshly-spunned delicious cotton candy. We roll up to parties with our own supplies to prepare hand-crafted cotton candy - a unique add-on for a memorable celebration.

Get ready for a magical experience with 70+ signature cotton candy flavors, including:

• Banana

• Black Cherry

• Apple Pie

• Birthday Cake

• Bourbon

• Lemonade

The little ones are sure to love cotton candy as they participate in different festivities. Plus, our classic cotton candy flavors will bring back sweet childhood memories for the older adults.

>> FYI, there's no better treat than cotton candy - especially during the summers.

Rent a cotton-candy truck in Long Island for catering your next event with a sweet surprise.

Rent the best food truck in Long Island for catering your next trendy event. Choose candy and snack trucks near me to bring candy lovers' dreams to reality. Satisfy your guest's dessert cravings with our dessert food truck catering.

Elevate your celebrations with fast food truck rentals. Take your event to the next level with our ice cream truck rentals. For a sweet add-on, you can also rent the best cotton candy truck.

Click here to book your food truck rentals in Long Island.


Let's Party!

Our legendary team makes party planning easy and worry free. Review our most popular menu and package options to determine what's right for you. Then, meet with our event planning team to work out the details!

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