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The Best Outdoor Event Catering Ideas In Connecticut

Discover the best outdoor event catering ideas in Connecticut. Just because you’re hosting an event outside, it doesn’t mean the catering options should be limited. With Curbside Confections, the catering possibilities are endless – whether you’re throwing a party indoors or outdoors!

All your guests will certainly be impressed with our unique catering packages, menus, and add-ons – not to mention with our skilled, professional, and awesome candy crew! We’re the perfect addition to outdoor summer weddings, backyard parties, beachfront events, company picnics, and more.

>> Take outdoor event catering to the next level with food trucks for rent in CT.

Keep reading to learn about the best outdoor event catering ideas in CT.

Rent A Candy & Snack Truck

One of the best outdoor events catering ideas is to rent a candy & snack truck in Connecticut. Let your guests indulge in a world full of their favorite treats, candies, and snacks.

We’ll roll up with 150+ different candy & snack options – perfectly suited for your outdoor event:

  • Chocolate & Caramel

  • Hard Candy & Lollipops

  • Sweet & Sour Gummies

  • Savory Snacks, and more...

Our fully-stocked candy truck parks right outside your event venue, home, hotel, or backyard party. Leave it to our experienced candy catering crew to handle setup, service, and cleanup afterwards too. Our friendly team, wide selection, and fun experience makes us the perfect addition to your outdoor celebration.

Renting a candy & snack truck is one of the best outdoor party catering ideas in Connecticut.

Book An Ice Cream Truck

Book the best ice cream truck catering services for your next outdoor event in Connecticut. Enjoy dreamy and delicious ice cream served to impress everyone at your party. Curbside Confections can cater anywhere, whether it's your backyard, outside your hotel, or wherever else you’re hosting.

The original party on wheels rolls up to your event with all-natural ice cream flavors, including:

  • Our Signature Flavor: Banana Caramel

  • Pink Sprinkle

  • Partly Cloud

  • Mint Chip

  • Rich & Creamy Chocolate

  • Traditional Vanilla, and many more...

PLUS! Elevate your catering package with classic fruit sorbets – in amazing flavors like watermelon, orange, mango, lemon, and more. Our unique ice cream and sorbet selection is sure to receive a sweet reaction from your guests.

>> FYI: All our ice cream is completely nut, sesame, egg and gluten free!

Book the best ice cream truck to cater your event in Connecticut.

Rent A Decadent Dessert Truck

Rent a decadent dessert truck with the best outdoor event catering services in Connecticut. From backyard birthday parties and summer weddings to professional corporate picnics - we bring sweet desserts to every kind of memorable occasion.

Curbside Confections rolls up with a variety of delicious desserts, including:

  • Brownies

  • Donuts

  • Cookies

  • Cake Pops & Cupcakes

  • Assorted Pastries, and more to elevate your outdoor catering experience

>> PS: Have specific dessert preferences? We’ve got you covered! Get in touch with our dessert catering team to personalize the menu for your outdoor event.

Hire a decadent dessert truck for food truck wedding catering in Greenwich CT.

Hire A Late-Night Fast Food Truck

Hire the best late-night fast food truck for event catering in CT. Explore a creative menu of delicious late-night food served with your favorite sides, sauces, and dips. Curbside Confection rolls up with the delicious burgers, chicken sandwiches, sides, and fries you’ll be craving after partying all-night-long. It’s the perfect snack as guests make their exit from your outdoor event.

We bring late-night bites from all your favorite fast food spots, including:

  • Chick-Fil-A

  • McDonald's

  • Popeye’s

  • White Castle

  • Taco Bell

  • Wendy’s

  • Burger King

>> Impress your guests with a mouthwatering menu of top-notch fast food...

Hire a late-night fast food truck to cater your outdoor event in Connecticut.

Explore Cotton Candy Truck Rentals

Explore the best cotton candy catering services for outdoor events in Connecticut. Whether you’re hosting a birthday, wedding, corporate function or baby shower - Curbside Confections caters delicious cotton candy that adds sweetness to your next event.

The original party on wheels whips up fresh and colorful candy at your outdoor event so your guests – giving guests a fun & unique catering experience. Elevate your outdoor catering experience with 70+ magical cotton candy flavors, like:

  • Banana

  • Guava

  • Lemon

  • Lime

  • Cherry

  • Blueberry

  • Pistachio

  • Honey

  • Key Lime

  • Dark Chocolate, and many more

Our light and fluffy cotton candy appeals to guests of every age. We’re always an instant hit! Bring your event catering experience altogether with dreamy cotton candy.

Hire cotton candy food trucks in Fairfield County CT to cater your next outdoor event.

Looking to book food truck catering in Connecticut for your next outdoor event? Here at Curbside Confections, we have unique outdoor catering options for every event purpose, concept, style, and theme.

We’ll roll up to your celebration with candy & snacks, decadent desserts, dreamy ice cream, and handspun cotton candy. Or, if you’re craving something savory – we’ll bring late-night bites from your favorite fast food spots too!

Ready to get started? Click here to book outdoor event catering in Connecticut with Curbside Confections.


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