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Must-Have Food Trucks At Fairfield County Parties In CT

Discover must-have food trucks at Fairfield County parties in Connecticut. The best event food trucks are zooming all over Fairfield County, CT - serving up sweet treats to parties in Greenwich, Bridgeport, Stamford, Norwalk, Danbury, and more…

Whether you’re craving dreamy & decadent desserts or savory & salty popcorn, our Connecticut food truck is well-equipped to impress your guests (and satisfy your sweet tooth too)!

Our fully-stocked food trucks have completely revolutionized the after-party experience. Today, we’re a Fairfield County favorite for:

  • Weddings

  • Corporate Events

  • Graduation Parties

  • Bar/Bat Mitvahs & Sweet 16s

  • Proms & School Functions, and so much more...

No matter what you’re hosting, we’re the ultimate way to celebrate every type of milestone event.

Check out some of these must-have food trucks at Fairfield County parties in CT.

Sweet Candy & Snack Truck

Book a must-try candy & snack truck for your next party in Fairfield County CT. The original party on wheels brings a sweet & savory candy experience right to your event venue, corporate offices, or home.

Our fully-stocked food trucks offer a fun and unique way to serve your guests a wide variety of delicious treats, including:

  • Chocolates & Caramels

  • Hard Candies & Lollipops

  • Sweet & Sour Gummies

  • Savory Chips, Pretzels, & Snacks

We replace the traditional (boring) party favors with all your favorite sweet-tooth cravings.

>> FYI: Booking our candy truck for your Fairfield CT party is easy! All we need is the venue’s address and a place to park…

Let’s host a fun and delicious candy party. Hire a Fairfield County candy and snack truck for your next event.

Dreamy Ice Cream Truck

The best Connecticut candy trucks can bring dreamy & decadent ice cream to your Fairfield County party too. We love serving sweet frozen treats to events in & around Fairfield CT.

Everybody loves ice cream! Rent an ice cream truck for your wedding after-party, corporate event, birthday party, and more - you just name it…

We provide 9+ popular classic and new seasonal features onboard, including:

  • Banana Caramel

  • Pink Sprinkle

  • Partly Cloudy

  • Mint Chip

  • Cooks

  • Wired

  • Rich Vanilla

  • Creamy Chocolate

And we roll up in bright-pink, brand new dessert trucks! We’re nothing like those old ice cream trucks that used to roam your neighborhood.

Let an ice cream truck in CT deliver some sweet frozen goodness to your Fairfield County party.

HOT Pizza Truck

You can also rent a hot & cheesy pizza truck for an unforgettable party in Fairfield County CT. Our hot food truck impresses guests with delicious pizzas - served in a fun and unique atmosphere.

It already sounds delicious right? Pizza is an easy, convenient, and memorable way to make your next party a wild success…

And it gets even better. We’ll bring hot pizza from all your favorite late-night spots, including:

  • Domino’s

  • Pizza Hut

  • Pizza Parlor

  • Or, your favorite local spot!

Our pizza truck rolls right up to your party venue - then the good eats begin! We make it easy to enjoy your favorite pizza wherever and whenever you’d like.

Book this Fairfield County pizza truck for the best party ever!

Late-Night Burgers & Fries Truck

Let our late-night burgers and fries truck in CT feed your hungry party in Fairfield County.

We can serve up delicious late-night bites to private parties of every shape and size. No matter what you’re hosting, or how many people you have on the guest list - we’ll make it happen!

We’re a late-night party machine. We’d love to help make your after-party memorable with burgers & fries from:

  • McDonald’s

  • White Castle

  • Wendy’s

  • Burger King

  • Shake Shack

And depending on your party’s size and location, we can travel outside of Fairfield County too. Rent our food truck for events in New Haven, Middlesex, Hartford, and Litchfield Counties.

Searching for a fun and memorable catering idea for your next late-night event? Book our burgers & fries hot food truck for parties in Fairfield County CT.

Decadent Cupcake Truck

Our party dessert truck in NJ and CT also features decadent cupcakes. Curbside Confections is bringing Fairfield County events all the sweet treats & baked goods they can handle - and then some more.

If you’ve never heard of our decadent cupcake truck before, today might just be your lucky day. After all, you’ve just discovered the best end-of-party dessert truck CT has to offer.

We’ll bring a selection of delicious cupcake flavors from your favorite local bakery or cakeshop. If that doesn’t activate your sweet tooth cravings, we’re not sure what will.

So why wait? Book our decadent cupcake truck for fun & delicious parties in Fairfield County CT.

Book Connecticut’s best must-try food trucks for fun & delicious parties in Fairfield County CT. No matter what you’re in the mood for, Curbside Confections has a food truck to satisfy all your sweet & savory cravings.

From a truck-load of sweet candy & snacks to hot pizza, burgers, and fries - there's something for everyone onboard!

And, don’t forget about our delicious ice cream and cupcake trucks too. We’d keep going, but we’re already getting hungry…

Check out the points above to learn about the must-try food trucks for Fairfield County parties in CT.


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