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Ideas For Candy Wedding Favors In Florida

Skip the traditional favors and outdated gift boxes! Take your reception to the next level with our fully-stocked candy and snack truck.

Curbside Confections brings the party to you! On your big day, we roll up with over 120 different types of sweet and salty treats.

As guests make their exit, our candy crew greets and serves each person individually. We stay for up to an hour after your wedding ends, so all your loved ones can be part of this tasty and unique experience.

We take care of logistics, setup, and service too - so you can enjoy every minute of your special day!

Leave guests with an unforgettable, after-wedding experience - customizable to your theme or vision.

Here are some of the most unique candy favor ideas for weddings in Florida.

Sweet & Savory Candy Favors

Bring sweet and savory candy favors right to your wedding location!

Upon exiting the reception, guests will be delighted to find a wide variety of candy and snacks to choose from. Each guest is provided a signature Curbside Confections bag to fill up with their favorite selection of colorful candies, chocolates, and sweets.

Our fully-stocked candy and snack truck in Miami rolls up with:

  • Chocolate & Caramel

  • Hard Candy & Lollipops

  • Sweets & Gummies

  • Savory Snacks

Working with our event planning team, customize your menu options with over 120 selections. These sweet and savory favors are the perfect idea to leave a lasting impression with your guests.

Chocolate Wedding Favors

Who doesn't love chocolate? Our custom designed trucks are stocked with chocolate and caramel selections for all. These chocolate candy wedding favors are an option that everyone can enjoy - and make your guests leave with a smile.

Walking up to our truck, guests are greeted with every chocoholic's dream of chocolate, truffles, fudge, bars, and peanut butter cups - and more!

Some of our favorites include:

  • Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme

  • Reese's

  • Snickers

  • Twix

  • Giant Tootsie Rolls

To mix up some chocolatey goodness, consider adding our Hot Chocolate Bar specialty package - allowing guests to enjoy a hot cup of chocolate with their favorite minty, crunchy or marshmallowy toppings.

>> Suggestion: Pair With Farm Fresh Doughnuts!

The chocolate wedding favor ideas offer rich tastes, sweet memories and gifts for everyone. Order delicious chocolates and caramels from our fully-stocked food trucks for weddings in Florida.

Gourmet Cotton Candy Favors

Make your guests will feel like kids again with dreamy, delicious, handcrafted and freshly spun cotton candy wedding favors. It's pretty hard to go wrong with cotton candy for wedding favors...

Get inspired by our cotton candy package featuring over 70 signature flavors from candy and food to alcohol and drinks. Of course, we'd be happy to customize a unique flavor or wedding colors.

Our spin artists arrive with the custom flavors of your choosing, as well as specialty holders like:

  • Glow Sticks

  • Buckets

  • Unicorn Pops

Whatever flavors and holders your choose, keep it on-theme and on-palette. A cotton candy favor can tie together all the little details that matter most.

Book a cotton candy signature package to create a sweet ending to a new beginning.

Delicious Ice Cream Packages

Make your wedding day a bit sweeter with decadent ice cream and delicious sorbet!

We are proud to offer all natural ice cream that’s nut, egg, sesame, and gluten free. On the big day, we’ll roll up with a wide variety of popular classic favors and seasonal features.

Try our signature flavor too – creamy banana ice cream swirled with rich caramel. Some of our other favorites are:

  • Pink Sprinkle

  • Speed Bump

  • Partly Cloudy

  • Mint Chip

  • Wired

Or, keep it to the classics – traditional creamy vanilla and rich chocolate. Take your reception to the next level with decadent and delicious ice cream favors!

Drizzled Popcorn Favors

Make your wedding favors pop! Host a popcorn bar either inside or outside your wedding reception. Guests can select a seasoning like classic butter, sweet kettle or even nacho cheese!

Next, mix in some sweet and savory favorites, like:

  • M&M's

  • Pretzels

  • Gummy Bears

  • Marshmallows

To add to the delicious flavors - top it off with our caramel, chocolate, or white chocolate drizzle. Then, SHAKE and enjoy!

Contact Curbside Confections to order unique and dreamy candy wedding favors for your reception.

Our experienced event planning team we'll help you decide on the best sweet and savory treats to serve on your big day. From sweet & savory candies, to fast food favorites - there's something for everyone to enjoy onboard.

Get in touch today for a magical event experience you'll remember forever. Call us at (888) 422-6398 or click here to start booking today!


Let's Party!

Our legendary team makes party planning easy and worry free. Review our most popular menu and package options to determine what's right for you. Then, meet with our event planning team to work out the details!

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