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Best Food Truck Catering In North Miami, FL

Hire the best food truck catering in North Miami, FL. Add a touch of excitement to your event in North Miami with a vibrant and trendy food truck. Food truck catering helps deliver an experience that reflects the art, architecture, and lifestyle of the venue. North Miami is a curated mix of food, art, shopping, music and entertainment - celebrate these culture with the best food truck catering.

From American classics to international delights, Curbside Confections offer countless food truck options - sure to please and fit the scene at any North Miami venue.

We offer full-service, gourmet food truck catering services for any celebrations or events, including:

• Weddings

• Graduation Party

• Birthday Party

• Corporate Events

• Family Reunion

• Bat/Bar Mitzvah

and much more…

Plus, our fully-customizable food truck menus cater for all venues, preferences, and tastes.

Our amazing crew and wonderful food trucks are sure to provide a state-of-the-art food experience for you and your guests. Ready to elevate your next event, Contact our dedicated team to plan an event that goes beyond what you envision.

Read on to learn more about the best wedding food truck catering Miami, FL.

Candy & Snacks Food Truck Catering

Rent the best candy and snack food truck catering in North Miami, FL for your celebrations. WOW your guests with a truck filled with all types of glittering candies, rich chocolates, savory snacks, and more. Our fully-stocked candy and snack truck is a vibrant addition to any event - with a colorful and lively vibe.

Make your sweetest dream come to reality with our 150+ candy and snack options, including:

• Hard Candies

• Lolly Pops

• Gummies

• Sweets

• Savory treats

• Chocolate & Caramel

And much more...

>> FYI, You can customize our fully stocked candy cart rentals Miami buffet truck to best fit your event theme.

Our candy and snack truck caters to events of all sizes, including weddings, bridal showers, birthdays, anniversary parties, and more.

Certainly, book our candy and snack trucks in North Miami, FL for your events.

Dessert Food Truck Catering

Host dessert food truck catering in North Miami, FL for your parties. Our dessert truck catering offers a wide range of delicious dessert flavors and textures. Dessert food trucks are popular all-around catering options for everyone in North Miami and neighboring communities - including, Orlando, Tampa, Miami, Pinewood, Hollywood, Jupiter, etc.

Pair your party with visually appealing and delicious desserts, including:

• Cake Pops

• Brownies

• Donuts

• Giant Stuffed Cookies

• Cupcakes

And much more...

>> FYI, Contact our team to customize your dessert menu or receive a personalized proposal for your event.

Indulge your guests with unique and high-quality desserts to create a long-lasting and enjoyable experience. Our candy crew are sure to elevate your party vibe with a family-like customer experience.

Satisfy every sweet tooth by hiring dessert food trucks in North Miami, Florida.

Fast Food Truck Catering

Hire a fast food truck catering in North Miami, Florida to add a special touch to your celebration. Curbside Confections offers a memorable experience to satisfy different cravings. Our fast food trucks are fun and exciting, rolling up right outside your party location.

Delight your guests with their favorite fast food brands, including:

• McDonald's

• Dominos

• Chick-Fil-A

• Shake Shack

• Popeyes

• Taco Bell

And more...

Imagine the satisfaction on your guest's face when they take a bite of their favorite fast food. Plus, we cater for every event size including graduations, corporate events, school parties, and more.

>> FYI, You can also add a cotton candy cart to add sweetness to the end of your celebration.

Indeed, choose a fast food truck catering in North Miami, Florida for your next celebration.

Ice Cream Truck Catering

Celebrate your next North Miami celebration with the best ice cream truck catering in Florida. Elevate your event experience with the best-tasting ice creams and sorbets. From corporate events to kosher parties, our ice cream trucks offer high-quality sweet delights for any event.

We can roll up to your event with various classic, seasonal and signature ice cream flavors, including:

• Vanilla

• Chocolate

• Mint Chip

• Coffee

• Strawberry

• Banana Caramel

and much more…

>> FYI, Having any dietary restrictions? Contact our team to create a personalized menu.

Choose from a wide range of toppings, including mini marshmallows, rainbow sprinkles, chocolate chips, caramel swirls, and much more - to create a unique and memorable dessert experience.

Plus, we can cater for any type and size of events - corporate or private, large or small.

Certainly, book the ice cream truck for your next event catering in Northern Miami, FL.

Cotton Candy Catering

Book the best cotton candy catering for your next North Miami celebration. Satisfy your sweet tooth with the handcrafted cotton candy. Cotton candy captures the attention of kids, and adults too!

At Curbside Confections, we offer 70+ above and beyond cotton candy flavors that are cool for kids and even adults.

We can roll-up to your North Miami venue with food, candy, fruit, drink, and alcohol inspired cotton candy flavors, including :

• Blueberry Cheesecake

• Apple Pie

• Gummy Bear

• Mint Chocolate Chip

• Pink Bubble Gum

• Coconut

• Banana

• Coco Cola

• Mojito

• Butter Rum

• Brandy

and much more…

>> FYI, Looking for a unique flavor or color? Contact our candy crew for mobile candy store Miami FL for a wide range of flavors and colors to match your event.

Indeed, hire the best cotton candy catering for your next Northern Miami celebration.

Hire the best food truck catering in North Miami, FL. You can rent candy and snack food truck catering to elevate your celebrations. Rent our dessert food truck offering a range of delicious desserts suiting every taste and preference.

Delight your guest with their favorite fast-food favorite brands and leave a long-lasting impression. Indulge in the best-tasting ice cream and sorbet with our food truck catering. Satisfy your sweet tooth with our handcrafted cotton candy in 70+ flavors.

Click here to book your favorite food truck catering option in Northern Miami, Florida.


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