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  • Popular Food Truck Vendors In NJ For Specialty Events

    Book NJ’s top-rated food truck vendors - specializing in fun and delicious treats! Impressing your guests with dreamy & decadent eats should be a top priority. But, nobody wants to travel far for their favorite candy and snacks. Instead, go for a unique experience that caters to your guests. Whether you’re looking for a memorable after-party idea, delicious dessert, or something slightly in between - our NJ candy food trucks are sure to deliver. It’s an end-of-party experience that’s high on the flavor and fun! Book our fully-stocked food trucks as your event vendor for a wide range of sweet & savory treats. Candy & Snack Vendors Hire candy and snack vendors in NJ for amazing special events. Whether you’re searching for unique party favor ideas or a wedding candy buffet for dessert - we have options to make your event a sweet success. Designing a candy truck menu with Curbside Confections is fun too! We have so many candy selections, colors, and styles to choose from. Here’s a sneak peek: Candy Bars Bubble Gum Hard Candy & Mints Lollipops & Rock Candy Chocolates & Caramels Cookies & Crackers >> And if you need some guidance navigating the seemingly endless choices, get in touch with our event planning team. They’re the true candy experts & we’re happy to help… Candy truck vendors in NJ are the perfect choice to kick your special event up a notch. Rolling Ice Cream Truck Vendors Rolling ice cream vendors in NJ make another great addition to your already-amazing party. There’s your traditional ice cream & sorbet trucks, and then there’s Curbside Confections. Our mobile ice cream vendors deliver more than just sweet treats - we bring a fun & delicious experience. Besides your traditional vanilla, rich & creamy chocolate, and classic mint chip - we have plenty of extra featured flavors, including: Banana Caramel Speed Bump Partly Cloudy Pink Sprinkle Cooks Wired We strive to offer popular flavors that are fun, unique, and delicious. Get ready for the best dessert you’ve eaten all year… Elevate your party with the best mobile ice cream truck vendors in Northern NJ. Mobile Donut Trucks Treat guests to a unique dessert experience with mobile donut vendors in NJ. Our NJ donut truck caters every type of event - from wedding receptions and engagement parties to professional corporate luncheons and fundraising galas. We can even bring delicious donuts to your child’s birthday party, bar/bat mitzvah, or sweet 16. We understand how important it is to choose the right catering vendors for your party. Delicious donuts are the ultimate way to ensure the party is epic! Our fully-stocked truck rolls up with a wide range of styles and flavors from Dunkin’, Krispy Kreme, and Farm Fresh Doughnuts, including: Glazed Boston Cream Chocolate Old Fashioned Jelly Crullers Cronuts, Cruffins, Munchkins, & more… Hire donut truck vendors in NJ for an unforgettable celebration. It’ll be the best party decision you make! Dreamy Cotton Candy Cart Give guests a totally unique after-party experience with dreamy cotton candy vendors in New Jersey. A cotton candy truck is one way to give your guests some serious nostalgia - and a bit of a sugar rush. We hand-spin delicious cotton candy live in-front of your guests. It’s the most Instagrammable sweets experience you’ve ever seen! And it gets even better, guests can elevate their cotton candy with 70+ magical flavors. We even have plenty of alcohol-inspired “grown up” flavors too, including: Amaretto Bourbon Champagne Mojito Peach Brandy Bourbon Pina Colada Watermelon Cooler, and so many more… Life is too short for boring, standard parties. Give your guests that WOW-factor. Elevate your special event with dreamy cotton candy vendors in NJ. Decadent Brownie Vendors For true dessert lovers, find decadent brownie vendors in NJ and NYC. The sweet treats onboard our fully-stocked food truck are far from your average baked goods. We roll up with top-notch gourmet desserts - made from the best bakeries in NJ. Design a customizable food truck menu with classic fudge brownies, as well as some other ingenious dessert creations, including: Giant Stuffed Cookies Cupcakes Cake Pops Hot Chocolate, and more… If you’re searching for a decadent dessert experience at your next private party, hire our decadent brownie food truck vendors in NJ. Book the best food truck vendors in NJ for an unforgettable special celebration. Curbside Confections rolls up with sweet candy, savory snacks, decadent ice cream, and more. Book our food truck for a fun, unique, and memorable end-of-party experience that promises to leave a lasting impression on guests. So, ready to take your party to the next level with food truck vendors in NJ? Click here or call us at (888) 422-6398 to get started today.

  • The Best Wedding Food Trucks For Rent In CT

    Rent the best wedding food trucks in CT! More than ever, couples are looking to give guests a fun & memorable end-of-wedding experience. Food trucks are certainly a unique way to make the big day exciting, interactive, and special. Our fully-stocked food truck elevates the WOW factor at weddings with sweet candies and savory snacks. Not only do you get delicious treats, our candy truck creates the ultimate social-worthy photo-op too! As a soon-to-be-wed couple yourself, hire an events food truck for your wedding after-party. And it's more than just post-wedding events, let us elevate your: Proposal Engagement Party Rehearsal Dinners Morning After Brunch Anniversary Celebrations Read on to learn about the best onsite event food truck rentals in CT. Candy + Snack Truck Rent a sweet & salty candy truck in CT for your wedding. Curbside Confections serves sweet candies, decadent desserts, and savory snacks to your guests. From retro favorites to all the latest hits, we have 150+ different types of candy that'll create a memorable experience. Give your guests a little taste of the sweet life! In addition to candy, our fully-stocked food truck elevates the party with grab-and-go savory snacks, including: Chips Popcorn Sunflower Seeds Crackers Cheese Itz, and so much more >> And just a little secret! Our favorite part of every wedding is seeing your guests' reaction when we roll up. Rent an onsite sweet & salty candy truck in Connecticut for a fun and delicious wedding after-party. Trendy Ice Cream Truck When it comes to hosting an iconic wedding party, you can't go wrong with on-site trendy ice cream truck rentals in Connecticut. Bring the night to a sweet ending with dreamy and decadent ice cream. Whether you love the classic flavors or some unique seasonal features, our menu has something for every guest, including : Banana Caramel Cooks Wired Pink Sprinkle Partly Cloudy Classic Vanilla Rich & Creamy Chocolate Traditional Mint Chip >> And if any guests have specific dietary restrictions - all our ice cream flavors are nut, gluten, and egg, and sesame free. Our secret ingredient? A passion for making your special day fun and memorable! Get in touch to rent our trendy ice cream truck and the best onsite wedding food truck in CT. Dreamy Cotton Candy Truck Our dreamy cotton candy cart is another popular wedding food truck option in Connecticut. Curbside Confections rolls up to your wedding with dreamy, delicious, and handcrafted cotton candy. Our candy crew brings all the equipment needed to serve your guests and clean up afterwards too. Have a favorite flavor in-mind? You're in luck - we have 70+ magical fruit, candy, food, and drink-inspired flavors to choose from, including: Coconut Peach Mango Apple Pie Maple Syrup Caramel Latte Pumpkin Spice Strawberry Kiwi Wedding Cake Champagne >> Thinking something unique? Just tell our events team and we'll do our best to create it. We've helped hundreds of couples customize one-of-a-kind flavors to match their wedding theme, style, or color scheme! Elevate your chic party with an onsite cotton candy wedding food truck in CT. Decadent Dessert Truck Rent a decadent dessert truck in Connecticut to celebrate your special day. Our fully-stocked dessert truck rolls up to your wedding party with mouthwatering desserts and sweet treats. Sweeten up your guests' night and satisfy dessert cravings with our decadent food truck. We cater gourmet sweets to weddings all over CT. Here's (just a few of) the treats served out of our rolling dessert truck: Giant Stuffed Cookies Cupcakes & Cake Pops Brownies Doughnuts >> Once you've set your wedding date, get in touch to book a dreamy dessert truck. Don't stress, let our event planning team handle all the heavy lifting while you get ready for the best night ever! Rent a top-rated dessert truck in CT for an extra-sweet wedding party. Late-Night Hot Food Truck Satisfy your wedding guests' late-night cravings with our hot food truck in CT. There's so much onboard to sink your teeth into - burgers, sliders, fries, wraps, chicken sandwiches - you just name it! You could say we know a thing or two about taking delicious late-night eats to the streets. Our food truck rolls up with bites from the best spots, including: McDonald's Chick-Fil-A Taco Bell Domino's Burger King Popeye's White Castle, and much more... Curb your late-night cravings with Curbside Confections! Why wait any longer? Rent our after party food truck in NJ and CT to surprise guests with their favorite late-night bites. Make your wedding fun and memorable with onsite food trucks rentals in CT. At Curbside Confections, we love creating sweet memories with candies, snacks, desserts, and so much more. If you're craving some extra add-ons, learn about our cotton candy, dessert, and gourmet popcorn packages. Or if you want to serve something hot, our late-night food trucks are just the answer. Contact us at (888) 422-6398 or click here to book the best onsite wedding food truck for rent in CT.

  • Menu Ideas For Candy Food Trucks In Rockland County NY

    Discover unique menu ideas with candy food trucks in Rockland County NY. Mobile candy trucks offer a wide range of sweet & savory choices for trendy events. From classic sweets & treats to hot food options that leave a lasting impression – Curbside Confections can bring it all to your next catered event! Planning a party? Try something new and memorable with unique food truck menus. We have options for every kind of event, including: Weddings Corporate Events Bar/Bat Mitzvahs & Sweet 16s Birthday Parties Prom, Graduations, & School Functions Baby & Bridal Showers, plus so much more… Elevate your party with these menu ideas for candy food trucks in Rockland County NY. Candy & Snacks Candy & snacks are a delicious menu option from Rockland NY food trucks. Our customizable event menus bring sweet candies & savory treats to parties across Rockland County. Design one-of-a-kind menus, including our candy truck with 150+ different types of savory & sweet treats. It’s like every sweet you could possibly imagine, and then a few more! From long-time favorites like M&Ms, KitKats, and Snickers Bars, to retro, nostalgic hits – there’s something for everyone on our candy truck. If you have an all-time favorite, make a request! Work with our events team to create a fun menu that suits your tastes, preferences, and theme. Design a sweet & salty candy menu with wedding food trucks in NYC and Rockland County. Ice Cream & Sorbet Elevate your event menu with dreamy ice cream & sorbet trucks in Rockland NY. These unique menu ideas are always a hit for spring and summer events. But of course, ice cream is a party favorite all year round - whether you're in New York, New Jersey or Florida! The best food truck menus pair classic flavors with seasonal features and fruity sorbet. Some of our favorite crowd-pleasers include: Banana Caramel Partly Cloudy Pink Sprinkle Cooks Wired Traditional Vanilla Rich Chocolate Creamy Mint Chip >> Do your guests have specific dietary restrictions? Add gluten, egg, nut, and sesame free ice cream flavors to the menu... The best food trucks in Rockland County NY offer unique event menus with decadent ice cream! Donuts, Brownies, & Desserts For something else sweet, candy trucks near Rockland County offer donut and brownie menus. We'll help you create a delicious dessert menu with a wide variety of sweet treats. With versatile menu options that range from donuts and brownies to cake pops and cookies - we WOW guests with a complete dessert experience. >> Let your guests satisfy their sweet tooth with our dessert menu options! Our event planning team helps you customize every dessert menu to perfection. We're passionate about creating lasting impressions, satisfying sweet cravings, and bringing fun treats to memorable parties! Give your guests a sweet treat with menus from Rockland County dessert trucks. Anytime Breakfast & Brunch Book food trucks in Rockland County NY with fun breakfast & brunch menus. Skip the long wait at popular brunch spots, we bring all-day breakfast menus right to your party. Brunch menus are known for their mix of sweet and savory choices. With Curbside Confections, you can have the best of both worlds! We roll up with: Hot Egg Sandwiches Gourmet Pastries Bagels Freshly-Brewed Coffee & Herbal Teas Hot Chocolate & Apple Cider >> Don't worry, you can still design breakfast & brunch menus for evening parties too. Breakfast time can be anytime after all! It's the perfect idea for guests who like to sleep in a bit... Order breakfast and brunch with the ultimate candy trucks in NY. Burgers & Fries Fast food lovers! Explore New York food truck menu options with burgers and fries. Hot burgers and crispy fries make the ultimate addition to any food truck menu. Whether you like crinkle-cut, curly, waffle, or shoestring - we'll help you create a menu that'll leave guests wanting more. And that's not all, we'll roll up with hot burgers, sliders, and sandwiches from all your favorite late-night spots, like: McDonald's White Castle Wendy's Burger King No matter your favorites, these hot food menu ideas are always a hit. Elevate your upcoming party with burger & fry trucks in Rockland County NY. Explore unique menu options from mobile food trucks in Long Island and Rockland New York. No matter what you're craving, Curbside Confections has the perfect menu. With options ranging from sweet to savory, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Ready to start planning? Click here or call (888) 422-6398 to get started today...

  • How Candy Food Trucks In Westchester NY Match Your Event Theme

    The best candy food trucks across Westchester NY perfectly match every event theme. Everyone wants a unique, one-of-a-kind party theme that leaves a lasting impression. Think something out-of-the-box – that stands out and WOWs your guests. Sweet & savory candy food trucks are one of the latest event trends to complement your theme and vision. And with Curbside Confections, there’s so many fun and delicious candy truck options to choose from - you can pick whatever best suits your party. It’s more than just a food truck, we’ve evolved into the ultimate end-of-event experience for every style. Here’s how candy food trucks in Westchester County match your event theme. Roll Up To Modern Wedding Events The best candy food trucks in Westchester New York perfectly match the theme of fun & modern wedding events. Food truck catering is emerging as the new go-to catering solution for weddings of every theme, size, and style. Whether you’re planning a formal black tie wedding or a trendy celebration - our fully-stocked candy and snack trucks are sure to please your entire guest list. And it’s not just your reception, it's your after-party too. Curbside Confections complements the theme of all kinds of wedding events, including: Proposals Engagement Parties Bridal Showers Rehearsal Dinners Receptions Day-After Brunches Anniversaries Book wedding food trucks in NJ and NY to elevate the theme for your special day. Professionally Serve Corporate Events Professional candy food trucks in Westchester NY perfectly suit your corporate event’s theme, style, and mission. Curbside Confections rolls up with fun & delicious options that align with your vision - and keep the whole team happy! No matter your event theme, our candy trucks work as an excellent staff recruitment, team retention, and morale-boosting tool. You can even customize event signage, guest bags, food boxes, and party favors to match the theme. Curbside Confections offers unique customizations with your: Business Logo Company Name Established Date & Slogan Event Date Recognize your hardworking team & give everyone a reason to celebrate. Book the ultimate candy truck in NY to complement your corporate event’s professional and sophisticated theme. Serve Sweet Treats To Fun Bar/Bat Mitzvahs Candy food trucks for Westchester bar/bat mitzvahs - sounds like the perfect party theme to us! Mitzvah families across Westchester County NY are incorporating food trucks into their fun & stylish event theme. We roll up to bar/bat mitzvahs with delicious choices that elevate every party theme & concept, including: Chocolatey Brownies Giant Stuffed Cookies Cupcakes & Cake Pops Dunkin’ & Krispy Kreme Donuts Contact us today to learn about customizing food truck service, favors, signage, and menu options to match your needs, vision, and event theme! Hire stylish bar/bat mitzvah food trucks in Westchester New York to complement your child’s party theme and concept. Stop By Your Late-Night After-Parties Have our Westchester candy truck stop by and elevate the theme at your late-night after-parties. Hot burgers, sandwiches, fries, and sides perfectly complement every kind of event theme. No matter what your after-party theme is, we have unique food truck options from all your favorite late-night spots, including: McDonald's Chick-Fil-A White Castle Wendy’s Burger King Pizza Hut Domino’s Taco Bell, and so much more… Whether you're hosting a casual late-night celebration or a themed post-wedding event, Curbside Confections can deliver an experience that leaves a lasting impression on guests. Rent an after party food truck in NJ and NY to match the theme at your late-night event. Effortlessly Cater To Graduation Parties Westchester’s best candy food trucks effortlessly match the theme of big graduation party. Your child graduated, you’ve decided on the perfect event theme, now you’re ready to celebrate! No matter your theme or guest count, every memorable graduation party needs fun & delicious food. Trade out the traditional eats for our fully-stocked candy & snack truck instead - one that matches (and elevates) your party theme. With customizable event favors, sweet & savory party menu options, and unmatched catering service - Curbside Confections is a one-stop shop for every kind of graduation party. Wondering how to celebrate your high school or college graduate? Book the best themed candy and snack truck in Westchester NY for big graduation parties. Book Westchester's ultimate candy food truck to match, complement, and elevate your event theme. Here at Curbside Confections, we just love to party. And that means traveling to events of every size, style, and concept. Whether you're getting married, hosting a corporate event, or throwing a bar/bat mitzvah - we'd love to make it even sweeter. And that's not all, hire our fully-stocked candy & snack truck for lively after-parties and fun graduation celebrations too. Check out some of these candy food trucks in Westchester NY that match your event theme. Then, click here or call us at (888) 422-6398 to get started today!

  • Book Rolling Entertainment Trucks For Parties In NJ

    Book rolling entertainment trucks for fun parties in New Jersey! Elevate your party experience with Curbside Confections: NJ’s ultimate event food truck. We take the entertainment to new levels of fun and excitement. We are the "ultimate party on wheels" in New Jersey. We’re all about bringing the delicious entertainment right to your doorstep, making your event an unforgettable sensation. Currently, we are serving the following areas in New Jersey: Bergen County Passaic County Hudson County Essex County Morris County Union County And surrounding states too! We’re not just any party entertainment truck! We’re fully-stocked with mouthwatering-candy, snacks & hot foods that’ll leave your guests craving for more. Ready to make your party entertaining? Keep reading to learn about the best entertainment truck for parties in NJ. Wedding Receptions Planning to book a rolling entertainment truck for your wedding reception in NJ? Rent rolling entertainment trucks in NJ for your wedding day. Our mobile entertainment truck rolls up with all the treats your guests are craving - ranging from sweet & savory candy and snacks to gourmet popcorn and fast food bites. Well, let's make your special day entertaining! Our menu is as unique as your love story, including: Candy & chocolates Ice-cream & desserts Sweet & savory snacks Hot food & beverages Whether you have fast food or sweet tooth on your guest list, we can entertain any craving! >> We also cover other wedding events such as rehearsal dinner, after party, bachelor/bachelorette, etc! What better way to add charm to your special day than with our fun wedding catering food trucks? Certainly, book a mobile entertainment truck for your wedding receptions in NJ. Birthday Parties Plan a memorable birthday party with the best entertainment trucks in NJ. Our rolling entertainment truck is the ultimate addition to make your event unforgettable. It’s a one-of-a-kind, mobile party experience that just can't be replicated. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a 5th, 15th, or 50th birthday party - our entertainment truck is loved by kids and adults of all ages. And, our entertainment truck offers a wide variety of premium packages and event addons for birthdays too, including: Make Your Own Sugar Tubes Ice Cream & Fruit Sorbet Handspun Cotton Candy The Lemonade Stand Hot Chocolate Bar Forget booking costly venues & fixed menus! Let the entertainment come to you. You heard us right; we bring the party to your location with a fully-stocked menu and make your special day truly memorable. If you’re looking to level up the entertainment at you or your child’s birthday party - book the best candy and snack trucks in NJ. Corporate Events Book rolling entertainment trucks in NJ for professional corporate events. Bring the entire team and all your customers together for lots of entertaining fun. Our fully-stocked trucks are the ultimate entertainment idea for team building events, office luncheons, conferences, and more - including: Employee & Customer Appreciation Day Company Workshops Product Launches Corporate Milestone Celebrations Holiday Parties All of your colleagues, clients, and partners will be impressed by our entertainment truck’s fun design and professional service. It’s the ultimate party experience to reward your team, celebrate a successful year, or thank valuable customers. There’s barely any prep, setup, or cleanup time too. Our entertainment trucks just pull up and get the fun times rolling. Explore our corporate event food trucks in NJ for fun & delicious party entertainment. School Functions & Events Hire rolling entertainment trucks in NJ that cater to fun school events. Bring some unforgettable entertainment to your next school function, prom, open house, homecoming, or graduation event. Students of every age will flock to our fully-stocked candy, snack, and dessert truck. We roll right up to your school’s campus, athletic fields, or prom venue with over 150+ sweet & salty treats onboard, including: M&Ms Twix Bars Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Gummy Worms Animal Crackers Rice Krispie Treats And of course, our candy crew knows how to keep the fun, excitement, and entertainment moving. We know what it takes to ensure every student, teacher, and faculty member has a fun time. Make your next event, dance, program, or fundraiser even more entertaining! Book entertainment trucks for school parties in New Jersey. After-Parties Book our New Jersey food and entertainment truck for fun after-parties in NJ. Our rolling entertainment trucks serve up all the food guests crave after a long night of partying. Impress your guests with late-night cravings from: Chick-Fil-A McDonald’s White Castle Wendy’s Taco Bell Burger King And there’s more too! If you can crave it, we’ll do our best to get it. You can count on our mobile entertainment trucks to deliver a fun & delicious experience that exceeds your great expectations. Our candy crew parks outside your after-party venue - dressed for the occasion and ready-to-serve guests with that VIP touch. Rent the best after party entertainment truck in NJ and indulge in classic, late-night cravings. Book the best rolling entertainment trucks for parties in NJ. Our dessert truck in NJ is the perfect end-of-party touch for weddings, corporate events, and birthday parties. We’ll also roll up to school events, after parties, and non-profit fundraisers. Whatever you’re hosting, you can count on Curbside Confections to kick the entertainment up a notch. Ready to book entertainment trucks for parties in New Jersey? Contact us at (888) 422-6398 or click here to get started today!

  • Fun On-Site Holiday Party Catering Ideas For NJ Companies

    There are several fun on-site holiday party catering ideas for companies in NJ. Leave a long-lasting impression on your employees, colleagues, or guests with taste and presentation. From seasonal flavors to different menu options - make your corporate holiday party a hit. No matter what your team loves most, Curbside Confections has the holiday catering ideas that are sure to be a hit. We’ve rolled up to office holiday parties of every shape, size, and style, including: Christmas Parties New Year’s Celebrations Halloween Parties Company Milestone & Anniversary Events Add a touch of flair to the presentation to elevate the overall experience. For those who want to add alcohol to the party, here a twist - there's a cotton candy flavor for that too. Don’t be surprised if our candy truck is the topic of conversation afterwards! Check out some of our favorite on-site holiday party catering ideas for NJ companies. Make Your Party All About Food! Make your party all about food with on-site holiday party catering ideas in New Jersey. Elevate your holiday celebration with customizable food items. Embrace the festive spirit as the holiday season arrives, with our fully-stocked candy and snacks truck. Curbside Confections brings decadent treats for any holiday event including: Candy & snacks Fast Food Ice cream + sorbet Breakfast & brunch Popcorn Cotton Candy And more.. Choose unique catering options to celebrate different events like Christmas and New Years. Whether it's a gathering at the office or an elaborate affair at home - Curbside Confections is a perfect match. FYI: Don't stress yourself, sit back and relax, our events team has got you covered. With our legendary service, your party will be a memorable and delicious affair. Indeed, make your party all about food with holiday party food trucks in NJ. Find Out Everyone's Favorite Food Trucks Add a touch of fun to your on-site holiday party catering ideas in NJ by finding out everyone's favorite food trucks. Survey your employees to understand their preferred food truck delights. Have all your favorites to roll up to your office for the festive celebration. Some of the favorite food truck options include: Fully-stocked candy truck Popcorn, cotton candy + sugar tubes truck Hot Chocolate bar Lemonade Stand Breakfast & brunch truck Fast Food Favorites truck and much more.. Get your employees served their delicious favorite options like burgers, pizza, and fries. We offer delectable spread options making a flavorful experience. Curbside Confections comes to your office or at a location of your choice. FYI: Our food products are served individual to each employee or guest. Don't miss the chance to add a unique twist to your corporate holiday celebrations. Definitely, find out everyone's favorite food trucks for your next corporate holiday celebration in NJ. Design A Decadent Dessert Menu Elevate your on-site corporate holiday party in NJ by designing a decadent dessert menu. Leave your colleagues, employees, and directors' taste buds in awe. Curbside Confections brings you a range of delectable desserts that are sure to hit. We also add a touch of magic to your festive celebrations with our dessert options, including: Stuffed Cookies Cupcakes Doughnuts Pies Ice Cream Cotton Candy and much more.. Consider adding a unique twist with a hot chocolate bar, cotton candy cart, or ice cream. And of course, no holiday celebration is complete without cookies. Our cookies come in different flavors - leaving your employees wanting more. Opt for a variety of Christmas cookies in your corporate celebration to ensure your guests leave the party with a festive spirit. Make your next office holiday party a fun & memorable experience with dessert truck catering in NJ. Customize & Theme Your Treats For The Holidays Elevate on-site holiday party catering in NJ with themed sweets and treats. Sweeten up your event with customized menus and desserts that fully-embrace the holiday spirit. Work with our event planning team to incorporate all your favorite flavors from the holiday season. We love all those warming, comforting, and festive flavors too – chocolate, peppermint, cinnamon, and more… For an additional twist, give your team with some custom-printed swag and gifts to commemorate the evening. We roll up with the perfect festive holiday event favors, including: Guest Bag & Food Box Labels Wrapped Candy Bars & Water Bottles Hot Chocolate Bombs Signature Cotton Candy Jars Fully-Customizable Signature Candygram Boxes Sounds like the ultimate way to end a fun Christmas party – and put your employees in the holiday spirit! Go the extra mile and customize your on-site catering experience for the holidays. Host A Festive Holiday Breakfast & Brunch Give your employees that warm, festive holiday feeling with a food truck breakfast or brunch in NJ. Design a holiday party menu with all the classic breakfast & brunch staples, including: Hot egg sandwiches Bagels Gourmet pastries Herbal teas Juice >> And of course, we always recommend adding in lots of delicious candies, savory snacks, and decadent desserts! It’s never too early for something sweet… Freshly-brewed coffee, herbal tea, and fruit juice are always a must during breakfast or brunch. But for a bonus, go for some mimosas or bellinis too! Just provide the champagne, we’d be happy to do the rest… Not hosting your party in the evening? Opt for a festive holiday brunch with multi-site corporate catering in NJ. Explore fun, unique, and festive on-site holiday party catering ideas in NJ with food trucks. Curbside Confection's fully-stocked candy & snack truck makes the ultimate way to celebrate every type of professional or social holiday. Book food trucks for office party holiday catering in NJ! Click here or call us at (888) 422-6398 to start booking today.

  • Unique Employee Appreciation Catering Ideas For NJ Companies

    Discover the most unique employee appreciation catering ideas for NJ companies. Appreciation day is all about giving employees a fun, unique, and memorable experience. Give your hard-working team something to show how much you appreciate their dedication, commitment, and service. If you are planning this year’s appreciation day party, you already know there’s lots of amazing ideas to choose from. But, what’s one key thing every professional corporate event should offer? That’s right, delicious food and snacks! Here at Curbside Confections, we have the best employee appreciation day ideas for you party - so that you can WOW your employees. Check out these unique employee appreciation day ideas in NJ that your team will love. Hire A Sweet & Savory Candy Truck Hiring a sweet & savory candy truck is undeniably one of the best employee appreciation day and after party ideas in NJ. Do something extra-sweet for all those employees who do the most! Say “thank you” with over 150 different types of sweet & salty treats, including: Chocolates & Caramels Hard Candy & Lollipops Sweet & Sour Gummies Savory Chips & Snacks There’s a wide variety of nostalgic treats, timeless candies, and sweet bites available. From rich milk chocolate and creamy peanut butter to crunchy pretzels and buttery popcorn – there’s so much to choose from. And, it’s all onboard to make your most valuable employees and staff smile. Our fully-stocked candy and snack truck is the sweetest way to recognize everyone who works hard to make your business successful. Hire a sweet and savory candy truck for employee appreciation day at your large company in NJ. Cater A Food Truck Lunch Take employee appreciation day in NJ a step further and order a food truck lunch for the team. The experience of ordering from a hot food truck never fails to impress. And, it’s the perfect way to give your team a change in pace from the traditional, boring lunch fare. Skip the cold lunches! Our hot food truck for corporate events will bring all your lunchtime favorites from: Shake Shack Hot Pretzels McDonald’s Wendy’s Burger King Jersey Mikes Subway Take a break, grab a bite, and enjoy some delicious food together. Sounds like an awesome team bonding idea too! >> The best part? We’ll cater lunch to wherever you’re hosting employee appreciation day! Our food trucks roll up to corporate headquarters, medical offices, schools, colleges, retail shops, warehouses, factories, and more… Show your employees how much you value their hard work, contributions, and loyalty. Cater lunch with a food truck for employee appreciation day in NYC. Book A Gourmet Popcorn Bar Book a gourmet popcorn bar for employee appreciation day in NJ! Everyone loves freshly-popped popcorn that's warm and seasoned to perfection. Curbside Confections serves up salty & savory popcorn that your employees won’t be able to get enough of. Our corporate event food truck in NJ rolls up with classic and nontraditional seasonings & flavors, including: Classic Butter Traditional Salt White Cheddar Nacho Cheese Dill Pickle Zesty Ranch Sour Cream + Onion Have a sweet tooth? Ask about our sweet kettle, birthday cake, caramel corn, and sugar cookie flavors! Employees can top everything off with some sweet & savory toppings and drizzles. We can hear it calling your name already… Indeed, booking a gourmet popcorn bar is one of the best employee appreciation day ideas in NJ. Rent A Dreamy Ice Cream Truck Let our dreamy ice cream truck host your employee appreciation day in New Jersey. Curbside Confections brings the ice cream that makes every employee smile! Employee appreciation parties normally have a traditional sheet cake or boring cookie tray for dessert. But why? Our ice cream truck is a real treat with a twist... And, Curbside Confections rolls up with 9+ delicious flavors onboard, including: Banana Caramel Pink Sprinkle Partly Cloudy Cooks Wired Mint Chip Rich Chocolate Classic Vanilla For the fruit lovers, we’ve got you covered with watermelon, strawberry, pineapple, mango, lemon and orange sorbet. Looking to show a little extra appreciation this year? Let our dreamy ice cream truck come to your employee appreciation day in NJ. Find A Delicious Donut Truck There’s no better way to celebrate employee appreciation day in NJ than with donut truck catering. We’ll cater delicious donuts to your whole in-person team. Plus, we can travel to multiple sites, offices, or retail locations! Curbside Confections rolls up with a decadent & delicious spread of donuts from all your favorite spots, like: Krispy Kreme Dunkin’ Donuts Farm Fresh Doughnuts Anytime our donut truck rolls up, we bring unique experiences, fun vibes, and delicious treats that’ll impress the entire company. >> But fair warning! Your employees will immediately start asking when we’re coming back… Make employee appreciation day in NJ even sweeter with a delicious donut truck. Explore the most unique ideas for employee appreciation day in New Jersey. Sweet candy, savory snacks, and dreamy desserts are the ultimate way to make your corporate event memorable. Book our candy truck in NY for an event that promises to impress. Or, let Curbside Confections cater a delicious lunch right to your company offices or retail shops. For something else a little sweeter, let’s talk about ice cream and donuts too. Get in touch with our client experience team to discuss your employee appreciation ideas in NJ.

  • Preferred Event Planner Vendors In NJ For Special Celebrations

    Explore preferred event planner vendors in New Jersey for special celebrations. Having a list of trusted and reliable vendors is the ultimate way to showcase industry expertise and overall value to potential clients. A planner’s vendor list works as a carefully-curated network of memorable and experienced partners. Working with a team of handpicked vendors, event planning professionals create a win-win situation for everybody! And as a professional yourself, there’s a lot to think about when building your list - especially when it comes to catering vendors. As you already know, the best part of any special event often rests with the catering. Now more than ever, you’ll see modern clients ditching the boring and traditional catering options. So, why not recommend something unique for their once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Here’s just a few of the best event planner vendors in NJ for special celebrations. Sweet & Savory Candy Vendors Let your clients satisfy their sweet tooth with preferred candy & snack vendors in NJ. Our NJ candy truck specializes in a wide variety of sweet & salty treats. In fact, we have over 150 different types of sweet candy and savory snacks onboard, including: Snickers Reese’s Rock Candy Chewing Gum Skittles Gummy Bears & Worms Animal Crackers Chocolate Covered Pretzels, and so much more… It’s a complete mobile candy storefront that offers endless sweet treats - as well as a photo-worthy backdrop for any event. Work with our events team to create a delicious candy menu that’ll leave a long-lasting impression on your clients - and their guests! Our sweet & savory candy vendors have been hired for countless corporate, social, and celebrity events. Have your clients be next… Certainly, hire preferred candy vendors in NJ for unforgettable special events. Hot Food Vendor Event planners should hire NJ hot food vendors for unforgettable special celebrations. Late-night foods are perfectly suited for huge weddings and corporate galas - as well as intimate birthday parties and private events. The original party on wheels has plenty of options when it comes to sweet & savory eats. Have clients that love burgers? Go for a customizable hot food menu featuring McDonalds, White Castle, Wendy’s, and Burger King. Love pizza too? Have us bring Domino’s & Pizza Hut to the party… Or if they prefer something different, we have plenty of other ideas in-mind: Chick-Fil-A Taco Bell Shake Shack Popeye’s Jersey Mikes Subway Is your mouth watering yet? Then, partner with our hot food vendor in NJ for fun & delicious late-night celebrations. Dreamy Ice Cream Vendors Your clients will absolutely love this dreamy ice cream vendor in NJ for special events. Whether you’re planning an ice cream-catered wedding reception, after-party, corporate event, or bar/bat mitzvah - Curbside Confections has treats & flavors for everyone to enjoy! Just a few of our favorites are: Banana Caramel Pink Sprinkle Partly Cloudy Traditional Mint Chip Classic Chocolate Creamy Vanilla Curbside Confections caters all the premium flavors, supplies, and crew - everything needed to impress all your ice-cream-loving clients! >> We can also cater decadent desserts to pair with the ice cream. Aren’t cookies or brownies a la mode the ultimate addition to any gathering? Calling all event planners! Check out these NJ ice cream truck vendors for dreamy & decadent special events. Handspun Cotton Candy Vendors Handspun cotton candy vendors in NJ know how to kick the party up a notch! Elevate the special event with freshly-spun, impossible-to-resist cotton candy - made & served fresh. Sweet desserts & big smiles all around! Our decadent cotton candy bar can be setup indoors or outside your client’s event. We’ll even try and customize colors & flavors to match their event theme. After all, we do have 70+ food, drink, candy, and alcohol inspired flavors onboard, just like: Salt Water Taffy Wedding Cake Cookies N’ Cream Root Beer Float Fluffy Marshmallow Pumpkin Spice Red Velvet Cake >> PLUS! Plenty of options for fruit lovers too - including black cherry, blue raspberry, watermelon, pineapple, peach mango, and more… And don’t worry! We handle setup, service, and cleanup too. Let our candy crew keep everything running smoothy. Bring your clients and their guests on a nostalgic journey with dreamy cotton candy! Hire our cotton candy vendors in NJ for special celebrations today. Delicious Donut Vendors Another amazing event vendor: book donut truck catering in NJ! Our donut vendors are a fun, sweet, and delicious way to elevate every type of special celebration, birthday, or after-party. The original party on wheels rolls up with mouthwatering donuts - crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, then topped with your client’s favorite icings, glazes, and sprinkles. Your clients can choose from a wide variety of flavors, styles, and add-ons. Plus, we’ll bring these decadent treats from all your favorite donut spots, including: Dunkin’ Donuts Krispy Kreme Farm Fresh Doughnuts >> We know how hard you work to keep everything on-theme! We’ll help you design a customized donut menu with flavors, designs, and color combinations that reflects the party’s mood. Consider booking delicious donut vendors in NJ for your client’s upcoming event. Discover the top-rated, preferred event planners for special celebrations in NJ. As an event planner, we know how hard you work to impress your clients and their guests. And what better way to do that then with hot food, sweet treats, and amazing desserts? Curbside Confections rolls up with candy, snacks, donuts, cotton candy, ice cream, and more… Our event planning team helps you design a customized menu that matches client needs and expectations. Check out the points above to learn about the best preferred event planner vendors in NJ for special celebrations.

  • An Appropriate Wedding Food Truck For NYC Receptions

    Hosting an NYC wedding? Find the most appropriate food truck for your reception in New York City. Many modern couples are mobilizing after-party meals and post-reception snacks with food trucks! What a unique, fun, and exciting way to feed wedding guests... In addition to the reception, our NYC food truck serves a wide variety of pre and post wedding events, including: Proposals Engagement Parties Receptions Rehearsal Dinners After-Parties At Your Venue Or At The Hotel Day After Brunches Anniversary Events Plan your party with our event planning team to create a unique experience that's both delicious and memorable. Here's why Curbside Confections is the most appropriate food truck for weddings in NJ and NYC. Serve Your Guests Something Sweet Serve your guests something sweet with an NYC-appropriate wedding food truck. Blow your guests away with over 150 full-sized candy and snack selections to choose from! Choose from sweet and savory treats like: Chocolates & Caramel Candy Lollipops & Hard Candy Gummy Bears & Sour Treats Savory Chips & Snacks, and more Our candy & snack truck menu features every type of sweet treat you could possibly imagine (and then some more). From retro, nostalgic candies to the latest hits - there's something for every guest to enjoy. If you don't see your favorite sweets listed, don't stress. Our events team will help you design a customized candy menu that adds some extra sweetness to your next party. Serve your wedding guests something sweet with this fully-stock candy truck in NYC. Order Late-Night, After Wedding Food Discover an appropriate after-wedding, late-night food truck for NYC receptions. We can serve late-night bites after your wedding or at brunch the morning after. Let the original party on wheels deliver an unforgettably delicious food experience. Our hot food truck rolls up with options from all your favorite late-night destinations, including: Chick-Fil-A McDonald's Taco Bell Burger King White Castle Wendy's Pizza Hut & Domino’s And we bring all kinds of end-of-party food - chicken sandwiches, burgers, sliders, french fries, and more! Your guests crave it, and Curbside Confections serves it... There's 100s of combinations and restaurant pairing possibilities. No matter what you're thinking, Curbside Confections will do our best to bring it. Work with our event planning team to mix & match all your favorites and create a customized after-party menu. Book an appropriate after-party food truck for your NYC reception. Choose An NYC Appropriate Menu Choose and customize an NYC-appropriate menu with wedding reception food trucks. Curbside Confection’s unique food truck menus revolutionize the way of serving guests sweet candy, savory snacks, and dreamy desserts. We incorporate A LOT of decadent and delicious options for memorable post-wedding snacks. Some of our favorite specialty packages and add-ons include: Gourmet Popcorn Handspun Cotton Candy Make-Your-Own Sugar Tubes Gluten-Free & All-Natural Ice Cream Hot Chocolate & Lemonade, and much much more.. With plenty of creative menu options, there’s something for everyone onboard. From hot fast food to alcohol-infused cotton candy. We’ve got lots to choose from! Design an NYC-appropriate menu with food trucks for your wedding reception. Add A Personal Touch To The Wedding Add a personal touch to your wedding with appropriate food trucks in Long Island. Curbside Confections understands the importance of making your wedding feel one-of-a-kind. Our events team can help you coordinate everything to match your wedding style, theme, and vibe. If you are looking for a Manhattan-style, modern-chic, fun & exciting addition to your wedding reception, you’re in luck! Make your special day feel uniquely yours with a truck-load of sweet & savory treats. And with Curbside Confections, there’s so many ways to personalize your food truck catering experience. Here’s just a few ideas: Custom-Printed Event Signage Personalized Food Box & Guest Bag Labels Wrapped Candy Bars & Water Bottles Fully-Customizable Candygram Boxes Signature Cotton Candy Jars Add a personal touch to your wedding with New York City’s top-rated appropriate food trucks. Create An After Party Vibe Create the perfect after party vibe with this wedding food truck in NYC. Curbside Confections brings an original, modern, and chic vibe to your wedding after party. After your traditional seated dinner, our fully-stocked candy and snack truck brings some fun & excitement. It just feels like the ultimate after party vibe! Our candy crew rolls up, dressed for the occasion, and ready to serve your guests with that VIP feel. >> Planning the engagement party, bridal shower, or rehearsal dinner too? We’ll be there! Book our after party food truck in NJ today… Definitely, book an appropriate wedding food truck to bring an amazing after-party vibe to your reception. Book appropriate wedding food trucks in New York City to elevate your wedding reception. Curbside Confections rolls up with an unforgettable after-wedding experience that’ll leave a lasting impression on every guest. We have a wide variety of unique menu options, specialty packages, and premium add-ons to choose from too. You can even personalize your wedding reception - matching up with the style, vibe, and theme of your elevated event. So why wait? Click here to book an appropriate wedding food truck for NYC receptions.

  • Food Truck Selections For Multi-Site Corporate Catering In NJ

    Explore the best food truck selections with multi-site corporate catering in NJ. Remove the logistic challenges and quality control stresses from planning a multi-location business event! Let Curbside Confection’s fully-stocked corporate event food trucks in NJ handle everything… Whether you’re planning an event across multiple campuses, facilities, cities, or STATES - we have a unique catering solution. No matter where you’re hosting, we’re here to serve you. We can roll up to: Corporate Headquarters & Office Parks Hospitals, Clinics, & Urgent Care Facilities Police Stations, Fire Departments, & EMS Dispatches Retail Stores, Strip Malls, & Shopping Centers Community Centers & Municipal Buildings >> And More! There’s endless options to make your next corporate meeting, lunch-n-learn, office holiday party, or employee appreciation day a success. Check out some of these food truck selections for multi-site corporate catering in New Jersey. Bite-Sized Snacks & Candy Our multi-location food trucks in NJ roll up to your party with bite-sized candy and snacks. Treat your team to a sweet & savory treat from our fully-stocked candy truck. Get the entire company together for a unique event experience they’ll enjoy much more than the ordinary luncheon. From classics like Reese’s and Hershey’s to all the latest hits, there’s something for everyone onboard. A few extra highlights are: Twix Bars Chocolate Covered Pretzels Rice Krispie Treats Mily Ways KitKats Twizzlers, and 140+ more… And the best part? We’ll bring these delicious candies & treats anywhere you like. Seriously, just tell us the venues or locations. Jersey City office space, Bergen County warehouse, North Jersey shopping mall - you just name it. If there’s a candy you like and somewhere you want to enjoy it, we’ll make it happen. We’re committed to making your multi-location event an extra sweet success. Bite-sized candy and snack trucks are perfect for multi-site corporate event catering in NJ. Ice Cream & Sorbet Trucks Check out dreamy & decadent ice cream truck rentals in NJ for multi-location corporate catering. Make your multi-location event even sweeter with all-natural and gluten-free ice cream! Our ice cream trucks travel to even locations across New Jersey, as well as the rest of the Tri-State Area. Planning an event at locations in North Jersey, New York State, and NYC? Book Curbside Confections for the party. We promise, your guests won’t have experienced anything like this… We’ll come to your business’s office park, special event venue, or community center ready-to-serve guests. You’ll know we’re here as soon as you see our signature bright-pink ice cream truck rolling up. Our ice cream trucks have 9+ dreamy flavors to help your event stand out. Add a special sweet treat with: Banana Caramel Cooks Wired Partly Cloudy Pink Sprinkle Mint Chip Classic Chocolate Rich Vanilla >> For an extra touch of uniqueness and excitement! Ask about our fruit sorbet too - available in 10+ delicious flavors… Our ice cream and sorbet trucks are the ultimate solution for multi-site corporate catering in NJ. Breakfast Food Truck Catering Breakfast food truck catering makes the perfect addition to multi-location corporate events in NJ. Our breakfast and brunch truck delivers delicious early-morning fuel to office parks, healthcare facilities, and private event venues all over the Tri-State Area. It’s just one of the offerings that makes us New Jersey’s favorite corporate event caterer. Have something delicious come right to the scene of your event. We’ll roll up with: Hot Egg Sandwiches Fresh Bagels Assorted Pastries Hot Coffee Herbal Teas Juice & Bottled Water And with Curbside Confections, crowd-pleasing breakfast and lunch is complimented with friendly and professional service. Also, you can connect with our LEGENDARY event planning team to coordinate all the details. They’ll make sure breakfast and brunch is served just as you expected. Check out some top-rated breakfast food truck selections for corporate catering at multiple locations in NJ. Grab & Go Lunch Catering Serve big crowds at multiple locations with grab & go food truck lunch catering in NJ. Curbside Confections brings delicious grab & go meals for corporate meetings, conferences, charity events, and expos. We’ve done everything from Chick-Fil-A, McDonalds, Jersey Mikes, Wendy’s, and more. Let us curate a delicious grab & go lunch menu featuring: Burgers Chicken Sandwiches French Fries Subs Pretzels Pizza, and more… Take your multi-site event to the next level with our grab & go offerings. It’s the perfect food truck selection to feed your in-house team, or the entire company spread across NJ and NY… Curbside Confections brings a unique lunch experience that screams WOW. We’re proud to serve New Jersey’s top corporations with locations throughout the state. Check out the grab & go lunch offerings from multi-location food trucks for corporate events in NJ. Gourmet Food Truck Catering Explore gourmet food truck options that offer multi-site catering for NJ corporate events. Curbside Confections rolls up with customized menu choices, world-class culinary options, and best-in-class service - while catering to your personal tastes and preferences. We’ve partnered with New Jersey’s top gourmet marketplaces to deliver unmatched quality, value, and efficiency. Our gourmet food trucks have the options, expertise, and logistical support needed for a spectacular multi-location event - regardless of group size, purpose, or number of venues. So, there’s no need to worry about delays, service, or cleanup afterwards! Definitely, gourmet food truck catering promises to perfectly compliment your multi-site corporate event in NJ. Discover the top-rated food truck selections for multi-site corporate event catering in NJ. The best multi-location food trucks roll up to hospital facilities, office parks, and community centers - ready to serve up delicious candies and treats. End your corporate party on a sweet note with our candy, ice cream, dessert, and hot food truck. Our food truck catering services in NJ even offer grab & go lunches and breakfast too. Ready for an event experience that’ll leave a lasting impression on your employees, clients, and customers? Follow some of the points above to learn about the best food truck selections with multi-location corporate catering in NJ.

  • Must-Have Food Trucks At Fairfield County Parties In CT

    Discover must-have food trucks at Fairfield County parties in Connecticut. The best event food trucks are zooming all over Fairfield County, CT - serving up sweet treats to parties in Greenwich, Bridgeport, Stamford, Norwalk, Danbury, and more… Whether you’re craving dreamy & decadent desserts or savory & salty popcorn, our Connecticut food truck is well-equipped to impress your guests (and satisfy your sweet tooth too)! Our fully-stocked food trucks have completely revolutionized the after-party experience. Today, we’re a Fairfield County favorite for: Weddings Corporate Events Graduation Parties Bar/Bat Mitvahs & Sweet 16s Proms & School Functions, and so much more... No matter what you’re hosting, we’re the ultimate way to celebrate every type of milestone event. Check out some of these must-have food trucks at Fairfield County parties in CT. Sweet Candy & Snack Truck Book a must-try candy & snack truck for your next party in Fairfield County CT. The original party on wheels brings a sweet & savory candy experience right to your event venue, corporate offices, or home. Our fully-stocked food trucks offer a fun and unique way to serve your guests a wide variety of delicious treats, including: Chocolates & Caramels Hard Candies & Lollipops Sweet & Sour Gummies Savory Chips, Pretzels, & Snacks We replace the traditional (boring) party favors with all your favorite sweet-tooth cravings. >> FYI: Booking our candy truck for your Fairfield CT party is easy! All we need is the venue’s address and a place to park… Let’s host a fun and delicious candy party. Hire a Fairfield County candy and snack truck for your next event. Dreamy Ice Cream Truck The best Connecticut candy trucks can bring dreamy & decadent ice cream to your Fairfield County party too. We love serving sweet frozen treats to events in & around Fairfield CT. Everybody loves ice cream! Rent an ice cream truck for your wedding after-party, corporate event, birthday party, and more - you just name it… We provide 9+ popular classic and new seasonal features onboard, including: Banana Caramel Pink Sprinkle Partly Cloudy Mint Chip Cooks Wired Rich Vanilla Creamy Chocolate And we roll up in bright-pink, brand new dessert trucks! We’re nothing like those old ice cream trucks that used to roam your neighborhood. Let an ice cream truck in CT deliver some sweet frozen goodness to your Fairfield County party. HOT Pizza Truck You can also rent a hot & cheesy pizza truck for an unforgettable party in Fairfield County CT. Our hot food truck impresses guests with delicious pizzas - served in a fun and unique atmosphere. It already sounds delicious right? Pizza is an easy, convenient, and memorable way to make your next party a wild success… And it gets even better. We’ll bring hot pizza from all your favorite late-night spots, including: Domino’s Pizza Hut Pizza Parlor Or, your favorite local spot! Our pizza truck rolls right up to your party venue - then the good eats begin! We make it easy to enjoy your favorite pizza wherever and whenever you’d like. Book this Fairfield County pizza truck for the best party ever! Late-Night Burgers & Fries Truck Let our late-night burgers and fries truck in CT feed your hungry party in Fairfield County. We can serve up delicious late-night bites to private parties of every shape and size. No matter what you’re hosting, or how many people you have on the guest list - we’ll make it happen! We’re a late-night party machine. We’d love to help make your after-party memorable with burgers & fries from: McDonald’s White Castle Wendy’s Burger King Shake Shack And depending on your party’s size and location, we can travel outside of Fairfield County too. Rent our food truck for events in New Haven, Middlesex, Hartford, and Litchfield Counties. Searching for a fun and memorable catering idea for your next late-night event? Book our burgers & fries hot food truck for parties in Fairfield County CT. Decadent Cupcake Truck Our party dessert truck in NJ and CT also features decadent cupcakes. Curbside Confections is bringing Fairfield County events all the sweet treats & baked goods they can handle - and then some more. If you’ve never heard of our decadent cupcake truck before, today might just be your lucky day. After all, you’ve just discovered the best end-of-party dessert truck CT has to offer. We’ll bring a selection of delicious cupcake flavors from your favorite local bakery or cakeshop. If that doesn’t activate your sweet tooth cravings, we’re not sure what will. So why wait? Book our decadent cupcake truck for fun & delicious parties in Fairfield County CT. Book Connecticut’s best must-try food trucks for fun & delicious parties in Fairfield County CT. No matter what you’re in the mood for, Curbside Confections has a food truck to satisfy all your sweet & savory cravings. From a truck-load of sweet candy & snacks to hot pizza, burgers, and fries - there's something for everyone onboard! And, don’t forget about our delicious ice cream and cupcake trucks too. We’d keep going, but we’re already getting hungry… Check out the points above to learn about the must-try food trucks for Fairfield County parties in CT.

  • Custom Wedding Swag Ideas For Your Candy Truck Experience In NJ

    Wedding swag ideas are a great way to thank guests for attending your wedding reception. Of course, these thank-you favors should be as creative and memorable as the celebration itself. Candy truck experiences offer the best swag ideas to end your wedding reception on a sweet note. Our fully customizable candy trucks in NJ offer an unparalleled selection of delicious candy and snacks - perfect to surprise guests with unique wedding favors. If you're browsing for custom wedding swag ideas, look no further. Send guests home with a bag of their favorite treats and a tangible memory of your big day. Keep reading to learn more about the best custom wedding swag ideas to delight guests with a candy truck experience. Custom Event Signage Handcrafted custom event signage is a popular wedding swag idea. A custom signage will add a personalized touch to the NJ food truck party experience. Or, you can have the sign match your wedding monogram, logo or theme colors. Whatever your preference, we'll craft a custom wedding sign that visually aligns with your wedding theme. >> With our expert design team, we'll create a visually appealing event signage that precisely coordinates with your special day. Whether you prefer a simple & elegant design or something slightly sophisticated, we go the extra mile to create a sign that has some swag. We take care of all the details to ensure your guests have a fun time. Certainly, choose custom event signage along with a legendary NJ candy truck experience to treat guests with the best wedding swag. Customized Wrapped Candy & Snacks Customized candy & snack wrappers are a top-notch wedding swag idea. Book our fully-stocked candy truck experience in NJ and give your guests quick grab-and-go snacks to stay fueled for after-party, or ride home! Custom candy wrappers are perfect for the guests who crave something sweet. Our candy bar wrappers can be customized, including: Milk & Dark Chocolate Bars Crunch Bars Hershey Chocolate, and much more... Combine these delicious chocolate bars with heartfelt messages from the bride-and-groom using custom candy wrappers. Let the candy wrapper showcase the true sentiment of your wedding day with custom designs and messages. We'll craft fully-personalized candy wrappers that'll leave a strong impression on your entire guest-list. Give guests the sweetest wedding swag idea - customized wrapped candy bars to make your wedding truly one-of-a-kind. HOT Food Boxes Hot food boxes are an incredible wedding swag idea to satisfy everyone's late-night cravings at the reception. Our signature wedding food truck in NJ will serve hot food boxes to your guests as they get ready for the after party. We serve delicious fast-food snacks from the city's best-in-class fast-food spots, including: McDonald's Shake Shack Chick-Fil-A Burger King Taco Bell Wendy's White Castle Our team can also prepare personalized hot-food takeout boxes and personally serve them to each guest. Customize these boxes in different colors and align them with your wedding's theme. These hot food boxes are also ideal outside the hotel lobby too. Indeed, surprise your guests with hot food boxes from their favorite fast-food joints with our candy truck experiences in NJ. Custom Wedding Favor Bags Make your wedding favors truly swaggy with custom wedding favor bags - a meaningful and memorable swag idea for your chic wedding reception. We deliver true candy truck experiences in NJ by adding personalized messages to the wedding favor bags. Add a fun or memorable message to the favor bag and truly encapsulate your party's emotion in one tagline. >> A little insider tip? Make the party a little sweeter for your guests by adding custom labels to your bags with your names, date or logos. Definitely, book our candy truck in NJ for a unique swag idea of iconic with custom wedding favor bags. Wrapped Water Bottles Your guests will always stay hydrated with wrapped water bottles - a custom wedding favor idea everyone will love. As the party goes on, your guests will need something to quench their thirst. And, what's better than water packed in customized wrapped water bottles. Book our fully-stocked candy trucks in NJ and we'll have all the necessary items - including water bottles. Take things up a notch by printing a heartfelt message on these bottles and ensure your guests remember this legendary celebration with every sip. Additionally, our fully-stocked candy truck carries many other after-party beverages, including: Hot Herbal Tea Freshly Brewed Coffee Bottled Juice These custom-wrapped water bottles are also an affordable wedding swag idea - ideal for couples planning their wedding on a tight budget. Certainly, choose wrapped water bottles with our candy truck experiences in NJ and have the perfect little thank-you gesture for your guests. There are many custom wedding swag ideas you can choose from with our candy truck experiences in NJ. Rent a food truck in NJ for an after-party experience that every guest will remember. Let a custom event signage read the emotions of your special day and pair them with signature gift bags. Or, choose customized candy wrappers & snacks to delight guests with quick grab-and-go bites. To keep the party going all night, you can always book out hot food trucks and let guests satisfy their cravings with fresh fast food takeout boxes. Custom wedding favor bags are also a memorable gesture and unique wedding swags everyone will remember. And, if you're in search for something affordable, choose wrapped water bottles customized with a thank-you message. Let our legendary team make your reception truly one-of-a-kind with a variety of memorable wedding swag ideas in NJ.

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