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The Best Wedding Food Truck Catering In NJ For Your Reception

Looking for the best wedding experience, packed with unforgettable moments? Get ready to WOW your guests with our after-wedding food truck in NJ!

At Curbside Confections, the candy and food truck selection is a playground for fun and excitement - making your wedding reception a delight. Whether you're into candy, snacks, late-night bites, or ice cream, we've got the full range of signature treats to sprinkle an extra touch of decadence on your special day.

Get ready to roll with the most epic wedding candy and snack truck in NJ, our legendary crew is here to seamlessly connect you with mind-blowing candy and snacks to fulfill all your wedding favor desires.

Let your guests get carried away at an unforgettable experience only dreams are made of. Our fully-stocked wedding food truck is just a click away, ready to make your special day truly remarkable.

Sweet & Salty Candy Truck

Book NJ's best sweet and salty candy truck catering to get your wedding reception party rolling!

Our top-of-the-notch sweet and salty candies transport you to a land of unique flavors with more than 150 to savor and enjoy.

That's not all! Our rollout of fully customizable candy trucks to take your wedding party to the next level and satisfy your guests' cravings.

Ask for our premium additions and specialty packages for candies including...

  • Chew and gummy candies

  • Savory flavors like pretzels and crackers

  • Regular chocolate and caramel

  • Gum balls and razors

  • Hard candies and lollipops

FYI, we can take your wedding up a notch with our Instagramable photo ops, and unique decorations to match your style.

>> MORE: Give your guests an excellent surprise in the form of our delicious wedding candy favors!

Book a sweet and salty candy truck for your wedding reception from the best wedding food truck catering in NJ.

Dreamy Dessert Truck

Book our dreamy dessert truck in NJ for your wedding receptions. We take your dessert experience to the next level by offering a variety of sweets, cakes, brownies, cotton candy, and more.

Our dreamy dessert truck is the best solution to fulfill the different taste buds of your guests. We'll bring a truck filled with delicious and mouthwatering desserts, including:

  • Brownies

  • Cakes

  • Donuts

  • Cupcakes

  • Ice cream

  • Cookies

Curbside also offers a fully-customized dessert truck for your wedding after-party curated by your tastes and preferences.

>> FYI: We are not limited to only dessert trucks; you name the type of truck you are looking for, and we bring it to life - candy, snacks, fast food and more.

Book our dreamy desert truck in NJ now for big day.

Ice-Cream Trucks

Indulge in an unforgettable wedding experience by adding our dreamy and decadent ice cream trucks to your special day in NJ.

Elevate your wedding with a fully- customizable menu featuring all your favorites that will surely have your guests enthralled:

  • Pink Sprinkle

  • Speed Bump

  • Partly Cloudy

  • Cooks

  • Wired

PS>> It's not Curbside without the classics - Of course, we have your nostalgic favorites from vanilla, chocolate, and our signature banana caramel.

If that wasn't enough, we add that extra layer of dreaminess and decadence at your wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, and engagements by rolling up with our delectable ice cream options.

Contact our team today and learn about our delicious ice cream truck for your next event in NJ.

Freshly-Spun Cotton Candy Truck

Are you looking for something to spin up your wedding reception? Look no further than Curbside Confections, a freshly spun cotton candy truck. We offer a wide range of cotton candy, making it more of a colorful experience. We bring the equipment, prepare the treats, and clean it afterward.

We put the floss back in candy floss with our handcrafted freshly spun cotton candy offering a wide selection of over 80 gourmet flavors you will be spoiled for choice.

PS: We don't just rent the machines; we come by ourselves and bring all the ingredients needed to serve delicious cotton candies on a cone.

Do you have some favorite flavors you want us to include? Don't worry; let us know, and we will make it happen for you.

>> FYI: We serve all across New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Delaware.

So, why not roll up your sleeves and book your cotton candy truck to make your wedding reception special?

Premium Hot Food Truck

Our hot food truck catering services in NJ are the ultimate addition to fun & delicious wedding receptions. Burgers, chicken sandwiches, sliders, fries, and more. You name it - Curbside will bring it!

One-of-a-kind catering experiences are just our expertise. We bring late-night bites from all your favorite fast food spots, including:

  • Chick-Fil-A & Popeye's

  • McDonald's, Burger King, & Wendy's

  • White Castle & Shake Shack

  • Pizza Hut & Domino's

  • Jersey Mikes & Subway

  • Dunkin Donuts, Krispy Kreme, & Farm Fresh Doughnuts

We serve all the food your guests are craving after a long night of dancing and celebrating. Don't let the party stop when your reception ends.

Our fully-stocked trucks are custom-built to keep your food HOT! Why settle for less?

Ready to get the party started? Make your reception unforgettable with a fully-stocked wedding food truck in Long Island.

Host an exceptional wedding reception with our unique and creative wedding food truck catering in NJ. Leave a lasting impression on your guests and make your event unforgettable with a variety of options for everyone.

Let Curbside Confections take care of your wedding catering and elevate your event with the original party on wheels.

Reach out to us for customized packages and specialty add-ons.

Click here to book the top wedding food truck catering in NJ for your reception.


Let's Party!

Our legendary team makes party planning easy and worry free. Review our most popular menu and package options to determine what's right for you. Then, meet with our event planning team to work out the details!

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