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A Creative After-Wedding Food Truck In Long Island, NY

Are you looking for a creative post-wedding party? WOW your guests with a fully-stocked after-wedding food truck in Long Island, NY.

At Curbside Confections, you can choose from a variety snacks to make your next big party even sweeter. From candy and snacks to fast food and ice cream, we have all of the signature goodies to add a sweet ending to your new beginning.

Book your wedding party truck with confidence knowing our customer service team is here to supply you with amazing gourmet treats for all your wedding favor needs.

Leave guests with a lasting impression that brings your wedding dreams to life! Our most popular wedding food truck catering services in Long Island NY are just one phone call away.

Put A Twist On The Traditional Wedding Desserts

Want to give a unique spin to your wedding? It's time to put a twist on the traditional wedding desserts with iconic wedding food truck in Long Island.

Whether it's outdoors on a hot sunny day or in an indoor ballroom-we got you covered. Our food truck can make your big-day unforgettable and WOW your guests with unique experience.

Curbside Confections offers the best service for best candy trucks serving over 150 varieties of sweet and savory treats, including:

  • Delicious Chocolates and Caramel Candies

  • Tasty Ice-Cream and Sorbet

  • Hard Candy and Lollipops

  • Cupcakes, Cake Pops, and Brownies

  • Giant Stuffed Cake Cookies

That's not it. Our dessert truck also serves - gourmet popcorn, hand-spun cotton candy and sugar tubes.

>> FYI: We are not just limited to weddings. Our dessert trucks can roll up for after party, engagement, corporate parties, and sweet sixteens.

Indeed, book the best wedding food truck in Long Island and give a twist to the traditional wedding desserts.

Add A Personal Touch To The Wedding

Celebrate your special day with a splash of personalization! Surprise your guests with a creative after-wedding food truck in Long Island, NY as Curbside Confections gives a unique twist to your favorite treats.

Bring your cultural values to life again as we deliver a "piece" of your traditional savories at your wedding.

Imagine that first bite of a pink vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles or a raspberry-cheesecake inspired cotton candy...right in your hands...waiting to bring your nostalgia to life with your better half right by your side.

Choose & customize your favorite treats with the best after-wedding food truck:

  • Cotton Candies with over 70 gourmet flavors

  • Gluten-free, sesame-free & nut free ice-cream & sorbets

  • Hot chocolate with delicious toppings

  • Lemon ice tea with a bunch of different flavors

  • Popcorn bar with assorted toppings

  • Sugar tubes with 12 different sweet & sour flavors

...and a sweet ending to a happy beginning!

Certainly, our chefs work together to create the best family-style servings so that they reminisce your special day for years to come.

Customized Menus & Packages

Want a sweet ending to your new beginning? Get customized menus and packages with a creative after-wedding food truck in Long Island, NY!

Kick it up a notch with Curbside Confection’s fully stocked candy + snack truck and fully customizable menu. Browse our amazingly delicious specialty packages, including:

  • Breakfast & Brunch

  • Hot Chocolate Bar

  • The Lemonade Stand

  • Popcorn Bar

  • And much more..

>>FYI: Let your inner artist out by creating pixie-like sour & sugar tubes with our 12 different flavors and enter a tangy reality where the fun never ends!

Your guests request, and our highly-skilled customer service team serve with love to let the good times roll! In our unique wedding packages, you can get event attendants who never fail to exceed your expectations.

We build a custom proposal for you based on your choice and the number of guests. Trust us, our team never says no and is committed to making a LEGENDARY wedding experience! Hire a creative after-wedding food truck in Long Island, NY and create memories you’ll cherish forever.

Create A Unique After-Wedding Experience

Want a unique after-wedding experience? Rent an after-hours wedding food truck Long Island NY to give you and your guests a LEGENDARY party experience

Curbside Confection's fully-stocked snack trucks can park right outside of your ceremony or reception venue to greet guests as they leave your celebration.

>>Looking for the VIP touch? We customize your food truck to meet all of your sweet and salty treat needs. Choose from over 150 different types of snacks like chocolate, caramels, hard candies, and lollipops. Or, try our unique ice cream and sorbet flavors, including -

  • Pink vanilla with rainbow sprinkles

  • Blue Cotton candy with marshmallows

  • Mint with dark chocolate chips

  • Creamy banana swirled with caramel

Did we mention...We place your food items in our signature add-ons and packages, so you don't need to worry about the heavy lifting!

Plus, our friendly customer service team makes sure the space stays clean and tidy, so you can enjoy your sweet celebration.

Give your guests an after-wedding treat to remember with your wedding party food truck Long Island.

Make It Social!

Want to make your celebration even more memorable? Tell your photographer all about your Long Island wedding food truck catering service, so they can capture your sweetest moments on camera!

With Curbside's Confections' expansive snack menus and customization options, you're going to want to post this on Instagram, Tik Tok and Snapchat! Here are a few ways to showcase your LEGENDARY party experience:

  • Curbside Confection hashtags like "#LetTheGoodTimesRoll"

  • "Just Married!" photos with your favorite candies

  • Reels of all the snacks we have in store for you and your guests

>>FYI: we can even highlight you on our social accounts! Ask us about our post and story highlights to get a feature promoting your special day.

Book your wedding snack truck Long Island today to capture your experience on social!

Throw an after-party that leaves guests thinking about your wedding for years to come. Here at Curbside Confections, we elevate any party experience with our gourmet popcorn, sweet ice cream, and over 120 different types of treats.

Whether you're planning a post-wedding brunch or are just looking to add that personal touch, our LEGENDARY customer service team has you covered at every step of the way. They can even post your event on social to make your wedding one to remember.

Call (888) 422-6398 or click here to start booking your wedding food truck Long Island today.


Let's Party!

Our legendary team makes party planning easy and worry free. Review our most popular menu and package options to determine what's right for you. Then, meet with our event planning team to work out the details!

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