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Custom Wedding Swag Ideas For Your Candy Truck Experience In NJ

Wedding swag ideas are a great way to thank guests for attending your wedding reception. Of course, these thank-you favors should be as creative and memorable as the celebration itself.

Candy truck experiences offer the best swag ideas to end your wedding reception on a sweet note.

Our fully customizable candy trucks in NJ offer an unparalleled selection of delicious candy and snacks - perfect to surprise guests with unique wedding favors.

If you're browsing for custom wedding swag ideas, look no further.

Send guests home with a bag of their favorite treats and a tangible memory of your big day. Keep reading to learn more about the best custom wedding swag ideas to delight guests with a candy truck experience.

Custom Event Signage

Handcrafted custom event signage is a popular wedding swag idea.

A custom signage will add a personalized touch to the NJ food truck party experience. Or, you can have the sign match your wedding monogram, logo or theme colors.

Whatever your preference, we'll craft a custom wedding sign that visually aligns with your wedding theme.

>> With our expert design team, we'll create a visually appealing event signage that precisely coordinates with your special day.

Whether you prefer a simple & elegant design or something slightly sophisticated, we go the extra mile to create a sign that has some swag.

We take care of all the details to ensure your guests have a fun time.

Certainly, choose custom event signage along with a legendary NJ candy truck experience to treat guests with the best wedding swag.

Customized Wrapped Candy & Snacks

Customized candy & snack wrappers are a top-notch wedding swag idea.

Book our fully-stocked candy truck experience in NJ and give your guests quick grab-and-go snacks to stay fueled for after-party, or ride home!

Custom candy wrappers are perfect for the guests who crave something sweet. Our candy bar wrappers can be customized, including:

  • Milk & Dark Chocolate Bars

  • Crunch Bars

  • Hershey Chocolate, and much more...

Combine these delicious chocolate bars with heartfelt messages from the bride-and-groom using custom candy wrappers.

Let the candy wrapper showcase the true sentiment of your wedding day with custom designs and messages.

We'll craft fully-personalized candy wrappers that'll leave a strong impression on your entire guest-list.

Give guests the sweetest wedding swag idea - customized wrapped candy bars to make your wedding truly one-of-a-kind.

HOT Food Boxes

Hot food boxes are an incredible wedding swag idea to satisfy everyone's late-night cravings at the reception.

Our signature wedding food truck in NJ will serve hot food boxes to your guests as they get ready for the after party.

We serve delicious fast-food snacks from the city's best-in-class fast-food spots, including:

  • McDonald's

  • Shake Shack

  • Chick-Fil-A

  • Burger King

  • Taco Bell

  • Wendy's

  • White Castle

Our team can also prepare personalized hot-food takeout boxes and personally serve them to each guest. Customize these boxes in different colors and align them with your wedding's theme.

These hot food boxes are also ideal outside the hotel lobby too.

Indeed, surprise your guests with hot food boxes from their favorite fast-food joints with our candy truck experiences in NJ.

Custom Wedding Favor Bags

Make your wedding favors truly swaggy with custom wedding favor bags - a meaningful and memorable swag idea for your chic wedding reception.

We deliver true candy truck experiences in NJ by adding personalized messages to the wedding favor bags. Add a fun or memorable message to the favor bag and truly encapsulate your party's emotion in one tagline.

>> A little insider tip? Make the party a little sweeter for your guests by adding custom labels to your bags with your names, date or logos.

Definitely, book our candy truck in NJ for a unique swag idea of iconic with custom wedding favor bags.

Wrapped Water Bottles

Your guests will always stay hydrated with wrapped water bottles - a custom wedding favor idea everyone will love.

As the party goes on, your guests will need something to quench their thirst. And, what's better than water packed in customized wrapped water bottles.

Book our fully-stocked candy trucks in NJ and we'll have all the necessary items - including water bottles.

Take things up a notch by printing a heartfelt message on these bottles and ensure your guests remember this legendary celebration with every sip. Additionally, our fully-stocked candy truck carries many other after-party beverages, including:

  • Hot Herbal Tea

  • Freshly Brewed Coffee

  • Bottled Juice

These custom-wrapped water bottles are also an affordable wedding swag idea - ideal for couples planning their wedding on a tight budget.

Certainly, choose wrapped water bottles with our candy truck experiences in NJ and have the perfect little thank-you gesture for your guests.

There are many custom wedding swag ideas you can choose from with our candy truck experiences in NJ. Rent a food truck in NJ for an after-party experience that every guest will remember. Let a custom event signage read the emotions of your special day and pair them with signature gift bags.

Or, choose customized candy wrappers & snacks to delight guests with quick grab-and-go bites.

To keep the party going all night, you can always book out hot food trucks and let guests satisfy their cravings with fresh fast food takeout boxes.

Custom wedding favor bags are also a memorable gesture and unique wedding swags everyone will remember. And, if you're in search for something affordable, choose wrapped water bottles customized with a thank-you message.

Let our legendary team make your reception truly one-of-a-kind with a variety of memorable wedding swag ideas in NJ.


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