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Delicious Miami Party Catering Options With Food Trucks

Food trucks offer plenty of delicious catering options for parties in Miami FL. Food trucks are the newest catering trend for celebrations across South Florida. Ditch the traditional event catering packages and impress guests with fully-stocked food trucks - bringing Miami's favorite bites to your party.

With so many sweet & savory treats onboard – we’re a one-stop-shop for every type of event, including:

  • Weddings

  • Private Birthday Parties

  • Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

  • Graduation

  • School Reunions

  • And, much more...

>> Whether you’re hosting 100 or 1,000 people, we’ll prepare fun & delicious catering options to impress any guest list.

Elevate your party with these delicious catering options in Miami Florida.

Sweet & Salty Candy

Choose food truck catering packages in Miami FL with sweet and salty candy options. From birthdays to office parties, all memorable celebrations deserve something sweet. Our fully-stocked candy trucks in West Palm Beach FL deliver a sweet experience that’ll leave a lasting impression. Let your guests feel like they are part of a special celebration!

With 150+ sweet and savory treats onboard, there's something to WOW every guest. Sweeten up your event with these top-rated treats:

  • Chocolates

  • Caramels

  • Hard Candies

  • Savory Crackers

  • Chips

  • Gummies, and much more....

 >> From kids to adults - guests of all ages love this sweet and savory candy package!  Our event planning team can even customize the candy menu to match the color and theme of your party. Just give us the details and we'll turn your sweet idea into a reality.

Elevate your Miami party with candy and snacks food truck catering.

Ice Cream & Sorbet

Take your party to the next level with ice cream truck catering in Miami FL. Our food trucks bring dreamy ice cream straight to your party venue - serving every guest with delicious frozen treats.

From classic vanilla to popular seasonal flavors, there's something onboard to satisfy every sweet tooth. Elevate your party with these signature ice cream flavors:

  • Banana Caramel

  • Vanilla

  • Fruit Sorbet

  • Pink Sprinkle

  • Partly Cloudy

  • And, much more....

There are also decadent chocolate flavors to impress every chocoholic at your party. Ask about our speed bump, wired, and classic creamy chocolate.

Plus, we can even bring delicious fruit sorbet for guests with tropical tastes. Seriously, there's no party our ice-cream food trucks can't cater to!

>> Oh, and did we mention! All our ice cream flavors are completely egg, nut, sesame, and gluten-free…

Book our dreamy ice cream food trucks for elevated event catering in Miami FL.

Gourmet & Flavorful Popcorn

Order gourmet popcorn catering packages with food trucks in Miami FL. Whether you’re searching for unique wedding favors, hosting a popcorn party, or looking for a corporate event snack -  we’ll serve delicious popcorn that’s sure to satisfy.

Looking to get creative? You can’t go wrong with our sweet & salty popcorn flavors and seasonings, including:

  • Classic Butter

  • Caramel Corn

  • Nacho Cheese

  • Zesty Ranch

  • Dill Pickle

  • Traditional Salt

  • White Cheddar, and much more..

>> PLUS! Mix in some gummy bears, marshmallows, pretzels, and M&M’s to top everything off.

Make your Miami party the talk of the town with a delicious and gourmet popcorn truck.

Breakfast & Brunch

Hire food trucks in Miami FL with breakfast and brunch catering packages. From corporate picnics to the day after your wedding – we have catering options to start your day off right.

With a variety of gourmet breakfast choices, we'll make the most important meal of the day extra delicious. Our fully customizable breakfast menu features:

  • Hot Egg Sandwiches

  • Bagels

  • Freshly Brewed Coffee

  • Herbal Teas

  • Juices

  • And, more....

>> Looking for something sweet to pair with breakfast? There's an assortment of gourmet pastries too!

Rent a unique breakfast and brunch food truck in Miami FL to cater your next party.

Hot & Cheesy Pizza

Rent a pizza food truck for Miami party catering. Available to cater for any event, our food trucks roll up with delicious pizzas from all your favorite spots.

Select catering packages with toppings and styles to impress every pizza lover - from classic margarita pies to vegetarian-friendly options. Or, pepperoni, sausage, and ham pizzas to WOW the meat lovers. We’ll cater pizza from all your favorite spots, including:

  • Pizza Hut

  • Dominos

  • Pizza Parlor

  • Your Local Pizza Place, and so much more!

>> Whether it’s the little ones or the adults - everyone loves a pizza party!

Book food truck catering packages in Miami and surprise guests with hot & cheesy pizza.

 There are several delicious Miami party catering options with food trucks. Food truck catering in Florida is available for events at your home, office building, or a party venue - serving treats to impress everyone.

No matter what you’re craving, design a unique catering menu that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

Click here to book delicious Miami party catering options with food trucks.


Let's Party!

Our legendary team makes party planning easy and worry free. Review our most popular menu and package options to determine what's right for you. Then, meet with our event planning team to work out the details!

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