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Fun On-Site Holiday Party Catering Ideas For NJ Companies

There are several fun on-site holiday party catering ideas for companies in NJ. Leave a long-lasting impression on your employees, colleagues, or guests with taste and presentation.

From seasonal flavors to different menu options - make your corporate holiday party a hit.

No matter what your team loves most, Curbside Confections has the holiday catering ideas that are sure to be a hit. We’ve rolled up to office holiday parties of every shape, size, and style, including:

  • Christmas Parties

  • New Year’s Celebrations

  • Halloween Parties

  • Company Milestone & Anniversary Events

Add a touch of flair to the presentation to elevate the overall experience. For those who want to add alcohol to the party, here a twist - there's a cotton candy flavor for that too.

Don’t be surprised if our candy truck is the topic of conversation afterwards! Check out some of our favorite on-site holiday party catering ideas for NJ companies.

Make Your Party All About Food!

Make your party all about food with on-site holiday party catering ideas in New Jersey. Elevate your holiday celebration with customizable food items.

Embrace the festive spirit as the holiday season arrives, with our fully-stocked candy and snacks truck.

Curbside Confections brings decadent treats for any holiday event including:

  • Candy & snacks

  • Fast Food

  • Ice cream + sorbet

  • Breakfast & brunch

  • Popcorn

  • Cotton Candy

And more..

Choose unique catering options to celebrate different events like Christmas and New Years. Whether it's a gathering at the office or an elaborate affair at home - Curbside Confections is a perfect match.

FYI: Don't stress yourself, sit back and relax, our events team has got you covered.

With our legendary service, your party will be a memorable and delicious affair.

Indeed, make your party all about food with holiday party food trucks in NJ.

Find Out Everyone's Favorite Food Trucks

Add a touch of fun to your on-site holiday party catering ideas in NJ by finding out everyone's favorite food trucks.

Survey your employees to understand their preferred food truck delights. Have all your favorites to roll up to your office for the festive celebration.

Some of the favorite food truck options include:

  • Fully-stocked candy truck

  • Popcorn, cotton candy + sugar tubes truck

  • Hot Chocolate bar

  • Lemonade Stand

  • Breakfast & brunch truck

  • Fast Food Favorites truck

and much more..

Get your employees served their delicious favorite options like burgers, pizza, and fries. We offer delectable spread options making a flavorful experience. Curbside Confections comes to your office or at a location of your choice.

FYI: Our food products are served individual to each employee or guest.

Don't miss the chance to add a unique twist to your corporate holiday celebrations. Definitely, find out everyone's favorite food trucks for your next corporate holiday celebration in NJ.

Design A Decadent Dessert Menu

Elevate your on-site corporate holiday party in NJ by designing a decadent dessert menu. Leave your colleagues, employees, and directors' taste buds in awe.

Curbside Confections brings you a range of delectable desserts that are sure to hit. We also add a touch of magic to your festive celebrations with our dessert options, including:

  • Stuffed Cookies

  • Cupcakes

  • Doughnuts

  • Pies

  • Ice Cream

  • Cotton Candy

and much more..

Consider adding a unique twist with a hot chocolate bar, cotton candy cart, or ice cream.

And of course, no holiday celebration is complete without cookies. Our cookies come in different flavors - leaving your employees wanting more.

Opt for a variety of Christmas cookies in your corporate celebration to ensure your guests leave the party with a festive spirit.

Make your next office holiday party a fun & memorable experience with dessert truck catering in NJ.

Customize & Theme Your Treats For The Holidays

Elevate on-site holiday party catering in NJ with themed sweets and treats. Sweeten up your event with customized menus and desserts that fully-embrace the holiday spirit.

Work with our event planning team to incorporate all your favorite flavors from the holiday season. We love all those warming, comforting, and festive flavors too – chocolate, peppermint, cinnamon, and more…

For an additional twist, give your team with some custom-printed swag and gifts to commemorate the evening. We roll up with the perfect festive holiday event favors, including:

  • Guest Bag & Food Box Labels

  • Wrapped Candy Bars & Water Bottles

  • Hot Chocolate Bombs

  • Signature Cotton Candy Jars

  • Fully-Customizable Signature Candygram Boxes

Sounds like the ultimate way to end a fun Christmas party – and put your employees in the holiday spirit!

Go the extra mile and customize your on-site catering experience for the holidays.

Host A Festive Holiday Breakfast & Brunch

Give your employees that warm, festive holiday feeling with a food truck breakfast or brunch in NJ. Design a holiday party menu with all the classic breakfast & brunch staples, including:

  • Hot egg sandwiches

  • Bagels

  • Gourmet pastries

  • Herbal teas

  • Juice

>> And of course, we always recommend adding in lots of delicious candies, savory snacks, and decadent desserts! It’s never too early for something sweet…

Freshly-brewed coffee, herbal tea, and fruit juice are always a must during breakfast or brunch. But for a bonus, go for some mimosas or bellinis too! Just provide the champagne, we’d be happy to do the rest…

Not hosting your party in the evening? Opt for a festive holiday brunch with multi-site corporate catering in NJ.

Explore fun, unique, and festive on-site holiday party catering ideas in NJ with food trucks.

Curbside Confection's fully-stocked candy & snack truck makes the ultimate way to celebrate every type of professional or social holiday.

Book food trucks for office party holiday catering in NJ! Click here or call us at (888) 422-6398 to start booking today.


Let's Party!

Our legendary team makes party planning easy and worry free. Review our most popular menu and package options to determine what's right for you. Then, meet with our event planning team to work out the details!

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