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Book After Party Food Trucks In NYC To Cater Late-Night Events

Book the best after-party food trucks in NYC to cater late-night events. Food trucks create the perfect end-of-party experience for all types of events. Having catered every type of late-night event, Curbside Confections is ready to turn your after-party into a successful celebration.

Have our fully-stocked candy & food trucks park right outside your venue to greet guests with their favorite treats as they leave for the night!

>> Our food trucks cater to events across NYC's 5 Boroughs - including Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx, and Staten Island.

Keep reading to learn about booking after-party food truck catering in NYC for late-night trendy events.


Book the best wedding food trucks in NYC to cater your late-night after-party. Surprise and impress guests with the fast food bites they crave after a big night of celebrating. Our food trucks roll up to satisfy late-night cravings and make your after-party one to remember. Cater the end of the night with NYC's favorite late-night spots, including:

  • McDonald's

  • Burger King

  • Chick-Fil-A

  • Shake Shack

  • Popeye's

  • White Castle

  • Wendy's

  • And, more.....

>> FYI, Fast food trucks are an instant crowd-pleaser at any wedding!

Have any special catering requests? Design a custom menu to cater the special cravings on your big day. Whatever you want, we'll roll up with your comfort food for a one-of-a-kind end-of-party experience.

Take your wedding after-party to the next level with the best food truck catering in NYC.

Birthday Parties

Cater your next late-night birthday with the best after-party food trucks in New York City. If you're planning to host a fun, unique, and memorable birthday party, look no further than Curbside Confections. Our team takes care of all catering requests so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the night.

With 150+ sweet and savory snacks on board, we are ready to meet the high expectations of NYC birthday guests. Choose our signature specialty packages or design a custom menu with your favorite treats, including:

  • Hard Candies

  • Lollipops

  • Chocolate

  • Caramel

  • Savory Snacks

  • And, much more....

>> With so many available options, your guests are in for the iconic New York birthday experience!

Seriously, say goodbye to the traditional birthday party catering mess, and let us do all the heavy lifting for an unforgettable night.

Elevate your late-night birthday party with the best after-party food truck catering in NYC.

Prom & School Events

Book an after-party food truck event catering in Chappaqua NY for late-night proms & school parties. From pizzas to hot pretzels, we've got the best food options to impress every student on prom night.

Plus, our on-site food truck catering services are also available for other special school events, including:

  • Graduation Day

  • Homecoming

  • School Carnivals

  • Talent Shows

  • Game Night

  • And, much more...

WOW your guests with colorful food trucks and custom menus - complementing the unique decor of the school event. With our unique catering packages, students are sure to remember the party long after leaving for the night.

Choose the best after-party food trucks in NYC to host prom night and other special milestones.

Outdoor Movie Nights

Hosting an outdoor movie night? Take it up a notch with the best after-party food truck catering services in NYC. Serve guests the ultimate movie night snacks and treats with Curbside Confections. Choose from quick grab-and-go treats, hot food, and delicious beverages - brought directly to your outdoor movie night venue. We can cater your movie night with custom end-of-party packages, including:

  • Candy & Snacks

  • Decadent Desserts

  • Ice-Cream

  • Cotton Candy

  • Popcorn Bar

  • And, much more.....

>> Whatever you're watching, our food trucks are sure to be the ultimate star of the night.

Just give us the details and we'll roll up to the movie night for the perfect end-of-party experience. Seriously, movie night becomes better when you choose our unique catering packages.

Looking to add a special twist to movie nights? Book the best after-party food trucks in NYC for your next outdoor event.

Corporate Galas & Events

After-party food trucks are the perfect addition to late-night corporate galas and events in NYC. From start to finish - we coordinate all the logistics to bring fun and memorable experiences to your next corporate event. Treat your employees to quick grab-and-go snacks, freshly brewed coffee, decadent desserts, and more.   

In addition to Galas, we cater to a variety of late-night corporate events, including:

  • Team Building Dinners

  • Annual Office Parties

  • Holiday Parties

  • Company Dinners

  • Business Conventions

  • And, much more......

>> Hosting a brand launch? Plus, our food trucks can roll up to corporate venues anywhere in NYC - a Brooklyn warehouse or a Midtown officespace. Just name the venue and our food trucks will roll up to make your corporate event a huge success.

Book the best after-party food trucks in NYC for special galas and corporate milestones.

The best after-party food trucks in NYC are available to cater to a wide range of trendy late-night events. Whether you're hosting a wedding after-party or a birthday bash, Curbside Confections is your one-stop shop to impress guests with comfortable late-night bites.

Plus, food trucks always add a fun twist to prom nights, school events, and special movie nights. Take your corporate event to the next level with the best food and dessert trucks NYC.

Ready to host a memorable late-night event? Click here or call (888) 422-6398 to book the best after-party food trucks in NYC.


Let's Party!

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