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5 Additions For A Breakers Wedding Package In Palm Beach

Plan trendy, thoughtful additions to your dream wedding at The Breakers Palm Beach. Breathtaking water views, luxurious amenities, and versatile event spaces - there are so many reasons couples dream of getting married at The Breakers venue in Florida. Even at an iconic venue on the water, these unique wedding details are essential to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Elevate your Breakers wedding with personalized details, additions, and ideas - that reflect your story. From trendy colorful walls to popular mason jar decors, there's something special for every couple to host their dream wedding.

To skip the traditional wedding vendors, have our fully-stocked candy trucks roll up at your wedding celebrations - serving everyone's favorite sweet & savory treats. With so many options on board, your guests can indulge in sweet surprises - without leaving the Breakers resort.

Keep reading for five unique additions to make your Breakers wedding personal to your story.

Candy And Snacks Truck

Candy and snack trucks are a sweet addition to an iconic Breakers Palm Beach wedding. Candy trucks in West Palm Beach FL are a sweet ending to a new beginning. From chocolate bars to all-time classics like M&M's, our fully-stocked candy trucks roll up with multiple treats to surprise every sweet tooth at the venue. A few guest-favorite sweet & savory treats include:

  • Chocolate & Caramel

  • Hard Candies

  • Lollipops

  • Chewies

  • Gummies

  • Sweet & Savory

  • And, much more.....

>> Just a heads up! With these many options, your guests may find it hard to pick their treats.

Plus, we can customize candy wrappers to match the unique color scheme of your Breakers wedding - allowing guests to click stunning Instagram-worthy pictures.

Book the best candy and snack trucks for your Breakers wedding in Miami.

Elevated Luxury Decor

Fully customize an elevated luxury decor as an addition to your Breakers wedding in Miami. Exchanging vows on one of the iconic locations has a breathtaking natural setting but with unique planning and decor, you can take it to the next level.

With a beautiful reception, you can leave lasting impressions on your guests. From the beginning of the ceremony to after parties, attention to detail must be considered as part of the planning.


>> Looking for after-treats?  Our legendary team can roll up to keep the celebration going!

Indeed elevated luxury decor is an important addition to your Breakers wedding in Miami.

Wedding Photo Booth

Wedding photo booths are another fun addition to your luxurious wedding at the Breakers Palm Beach. Invite your guests to strike a pose with loved ones in a high-quality photo booth - placed to capture smiles, laughs, and special moments.

Have the photo booth installed at the Breaker's luxurious ballrooms or in open-air ceremonial spaces. Wherever you place the photo booth, get ready to be overjoyed with special memories preserved for the future.

>> For a fun twist, install the photo booth right next to our colorful trucks and let your guests click stunning pictures.

The photo booth creates the perfect setup to capture the kiss of the day too!

With high-quality cameras, unique props, and perfect lighting, your guests are sure to have a blast at the photo booth. After the party, click a few group shots to leave everyone with unforgettable memories.

Rent high-quality photo booths to add a special touch to your wedding at the Breakers in Palm Beach.

Floral Walls

Elevate your Breakers Wedding with floral walls. The best wedding decorators in the Palm Beach area will have elaborate setups. However, the most elite florests will create their own handmade floral walls.

These floral walls are silky smooth, and real to the touch. Plus, you can customize the look, color, and theme to match your wedding. Nothing quite adds a personal touch like a luxurious flower wall.

>> Plus, you can add a pink flower wall to match our coloful trucks!

Additionally, you can place flower walls at multiple places - using it as an entrance, photo-op, ceremony backdrop or cocktail hour moment.

Upgrade your decor with a flower wall that adds a "WOW" factor to your Breakers wedding.

Fireworks Display

End your wedding ceremony with a firework display at The Breakers in Palm Beach FL. A show-stopping firework display over the coast always results in magical moments for everyone - especially the newlywed.

With versatile outdoor spaces, the Breakers provides the perfect place to arrange a huge firework show. Plus, as fireworks come down, your photographer gets multiple photo-ops to click stunning pictures. In fact, your photographer may just ask you to kiss under the fireworks

>> FYI, as your guests enjoy the fireworks, they can indulge in our decadent desserts to end the night on a sweet note! Our dessert food trucks Florida roll up with cookies, donuts, ice cream, and much more...

For a memorable experience, hire a professional to launch the fireworks at the right moment. Of course, you can opt for a firework show that goes on for several minutes - as your guests soak in the sparkling views.

There are multiple trendy additions to your Breakers wedding package in Palm Beach. Surprise your guests with wedding food trucks Florida - serving a wide variety of sweet and savory treats. Or, contact the in-house design team at the Breakers to plan an elevated luxury decor.

You can also set up photo booths right inside the Breakers' ballroom - allowing everyone to click memorable pictures. A floral wall is another unique addition to create stunning photo ops for everyone. As the celebrations come to an end, arrange a show-stopping fireworks display right over the sparkling Breakers venue.

Click here to add a trendy and sweet twist to your Breakers wedding in Palm Beach.


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