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The Best Event Planners In Miami Florida For Party Catering

Hire the best event planners in Miami Florida for party catering. Hosting a trendy Miami party requires celebrating in style and catering to the high expectations of guests. The best event planners make celebrations stand out - right from managing the decor to curating Miami-worthy catering packages.

Having catered to Miami parties at South Beach hotels, wedding venues, and corporate offices - Curbside Confections has witnessed all the latest party trends. Our professionally-trained team works with event planners to design fun & delicious catering options - best suited for your party's decor, theme, and preferences.  

Here's how the best event planners in Miami, Florida elevate party catering.   

Cater For Special Events And Occasions

The best event planners in Miami Florida cater for special events, milestones, and occasions. From concept to completion - professional event planning teams create unique experiences at every celebration.

Whether you're hosting a multi-day event or an exclusive VIP corporate party, award-winning event planners can take every special milestone up a notch, including:

  • Wedding

  • Gala Dinners

  • Retreat Trips

  • Birthdays

  • Brand Activations

  • Celebrity Parties

  • Holiday Parties

  • And, much more...

Planning to cater a special occasion? Curbside Confections is here to turn your vision into a delicious reality. With 150+ sweet and savory treats, count on our crew to impress all your guests - including VIP celebrities, sports athletes, business owners, etc.

Hire the best event planners in Miami FL to cater for trendy events and occasions.

Plan Intricate Details Of Your Event

The best event planners in Miami FL plan the most intricate party details. Working one-on-one with the clients, experienced event planners design unique decor concepts from scratch. By incorporating one-of-a-kind elements, your event planners can define every little detail for your event.

Curbside Confections rolls up with bright, colorful trucks that'll surely match your event theme, style, and decor. With custom signage, catering packages, and favor bags - we carefully highlight the most memorable details of your special event.

>> Work with our team to design Miami party catering packages - best suited for your event details.

Ready to take your event to the next level? Hire event planners in Miami FL to plan the most intricate party details.

Create Elevated Experiences For Guests

Contact event planners in Miami to create an elevated experience for your party guests. From hotels to transportation - event planners take care of everything so that your guests can relax and enjoy the event. When it comes to the food, Curbside Confections is committed to creating a memorable experience like no other for you and your guests.

Whether your guests are looking for something sweet or savory, we roll up with multiple options to create experiences your guests will remember forever. Regardless of your specific requests, we'll take care of all the details to exceed everyone's expectations.

Work with our crew to plan an event catering package to impress your guests. A few available options, including:

  • Candy & Snacks Catering

  • Fast Food Catering

  • Dessert Catering

  • Ice Cream Catering

  • Popcorn Catering

  • Cotton Candy Catering

  • And, much more.....

>> Have any special requests from guests? Just let us know the details and we'll help host an amazing and successful event.  

Get in touch with the best event planners in Miami FL to create an elevated experience for your guests.

Design Custom Event Catering Menus

Work with the best event planners in Miami FL to design custom event catering menus. Every party menu is customized to match specific venues, tastes, and preferences. Not only do we serve delicious treats, we collaborate with event planners and clients to make your event a huge success!

Whether you want to cater for a breakfast & brunch meal or a clients-inspired menu, our fun & delicious options are sure to surpass your expectations.

Select a party package based on:

  • Guest preferences

  • Food and beverage choices

  • Your party's theme and color scheme

  • Dietary preferences, and more....

>> Hosting an event during summer? Our event catering planners will set up a lemonade stand - ready to serve a variety of signature beverages with candy toppings.  

Leave a lasting impression on your guests by hiring event planners who design custom catering packages with food trucks in North Miami FL.

Customize After-Party Catering Packages

Curbside Confections works with event planners in Miami FL to customize after-party catering packages. Whether it's an anniversary dinner, wedding, or birthday - an after-party gives so many reasons to celebrate.

Customize your after-party catering package with:

  • Hot food

  • Beverages

  • Cookies and desserts

  • Hot Chocolate

  • And, much more....

>> Looking for something special for the morning after your event? We'll create specialty breakfast & brunch packages to impress guests with hot egg sandwiches, freshly brewed coffee, gourmet pastries, and more...

Contact the best event planners in Miami FL to cater for your special event with a custom after-party package.

The best event planners in Miami, Florida are available to cater for special trendy events. Whether you're hosting a wedding, corporate meeting, or a gala dinner - get in touch with our event planning team to celebrate special occasions.

Host an elevated guest experience with food truck catering in Miami - serving sweet & savory treats, desserts, cotton candy, and more. Plus, event planners also help design customized after-party catering packages to host a successful, memorable, and trendy event.

Ready to hire event planners in Miami FL? Click here to elevate your event with unique, customized, and trendy catering packages.


Let's Party!

Our legendary team makes party planning easy and worry free. Review our most popular menu and package options to determine what's right for you. Then, meet with our event planning team to work out the details!

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