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7+ Years Of Elevated Candy Experiences

Our love for candy started at a young age - and flourished over 7 years ago when we started Curbside Confections. We're constantly evolving to deliver services and experiences that our clients (and their guests) will absolutely love.

Our History

Since 2017, Curbside Confections has been taking candy & snack catering experiences to new heights. Years later, we're constantly improving our services, offerings, and packages. Today, every event we host gives us more experience, industry expertise, and sweet stories to share. 


Fun Events Completed

We have worked along side some fantastic organizations like Make A Wish Foundation & Atlantic Health.


States Serviced

We roll up to events in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, and Florida.


Trucks In Our Fleet

As of 2024, the Curbside Confections fleet has 8 bright, fun, and memorable food trucks.



2017 was a huge year for Curbside Confections. We
founded Curbside in April 2017 after coming
up short with the perfect after-party idea for
Danielle’s wedding. By June, we had designed the perfect truck and set out for our first event!


By 2019, we launched our online Curbside Confections Gift Shoppe. A one-stop-shop for customers to buy candy, accessories, plush, toys, party favors, gift cards, and more!



During the pandemic we made the decision to
pursue Curbside full Confections time. Our mini cotton candy truck arrived - and we begun hosting events for 15 guests or more!



After going full-time, our second and third food truck arrived in 2021. We launched our dreamy, all-natural ice cream catering package - and purchased our flagship store! Our franchising program also begun & we started preparing to get others onboard.



By 2022, our fourth and fifth food truck arrived. We also ordered a second mini cotton candy truck. Our retail gift shoppe officially opened for business and we completed our branded trademarking. Even more, we launched our franchising program and established an exclusive partnership with a truck builder.

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