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Brand Purpose


Our history

  • Truck 1 arrives

  • First event completed

  • Danielle gets married!


With unwavering commitment to quality and service, our event planning team aims to deliver a one-of-a-kind event experience that will be remembered long after the celebration ends.


At Curbside Confections, we bring people together for all occasions - from weddings to private events. Our event planners strive to deliver a unique, fully customizable experience sure to impress guests across the nation.

Core Values

Curbside Confections is committed to exceeding expectations and delivering a legendary customer experience. We are consistent, honest, and responsive. Our team delivers on our promises and finds ways to say yes.

Our history

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  • Truck 1 arrives

  • First event completed

  • Danielle gets married!

  • Online store is launche

  • The Mini cotton candy truck arrives

  • Events for 15 guests or more begin!

  • Tara + Danielle go full time

  • Truck 2 and Truck 3 arrive

  • Ice Cream is launched

  • Franchising process begins

  • Flagship store is purchased

  • Tara gets married!

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